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Discussion in 'Advice Board' started by Fealty, Jan 14, 2010.

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    As the title says i have a great yearning for knowlege i have always had it but i never know where to start. Should i just go to the library browse books till i see something that sparks my interest? Or maybe find some website to research some topics on. There's really not a field of study im not interested in i love knowing what stuff is and how it works. So any advice on where to start?

    I am planning on being the first in my family to go to college the fields i want to study are computer programming or culinary arts i am a little wierd i suppose. How do you decided what you want to do for the rest of your life? I am just so confused right now i guess thats just part of being a teenager.

    Another thing is getting a crappy job worth it? i have been offered a job as a live hanger at a chicken factory. $10 an hour night shift to me its a very bad job but it pays good is it worth the stress though? should i wait till something better comes my way? Im not trying to be conceited or anything but im the smartest person i know and i cant figure out what seems so simple..

    I suppose this post was really me just needing to let it out but i would like your advice, If you dont mind that is i also need to study up on grammar as you can see there is probably many grammar mistakes in this post. please link me or give me book titles that you think i should read!


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    I don't know if it helps much but I am exactly the same....yesterday I was bored so I started reading up on the differentiation of complex equations...(quite interesting actually) It seems like you have a bit of an untamed mind which is fab but hard work so be prepared to be confused alot :D

    I didn't know what I wanted to do until I was 21 so I took time out of school and went off to work and I did some really rubbish jobs amongst the great ones and in three years I was a PA to an executive solicitorlike running around after him ALL the time and then I thought "seriously I'm better than this" and went to study again. I think the rubbish jobs were detrimental to me discovering what I wanted to do...

    As far as books are concerned if you want non-fiction then maybe stick to things like philosophy for now...they should be good enough to keep you intrigued and then move on to things that explain the way things's fascinating....I went through a phase where all I wanted was to learn about lasers and how they worked....I worked at a lasertag site then....However if you like fiction then maybe try something like the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett or the His Dark Materials Trilogy by Phillip Pullman (Don't be put off by The Golden was a poor excuse of a film)

    The number one thing is it is ok to be confused right now...try writing to your nearest college and asking if you could go and find out about the subjects you are interested in...I know over here they're more than happy to show you about and talk to you.


    Hope that sort of helps...

  3. Rebeccaaa

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    Wikipedia is your friend. Seriously. I can spend aages on that site just clicking around, you'd be amazed at where it can lead you haha. Although it's usually a great source of info, take everything you read on there with a pinch of salt, since it is teh internets after all.
    And yeah, library would be a good place to start too.
    Or even just posting on forums in the debate sections, that's a great way to 'exercise' your intelligence, so to speak. Even if it's just reading discussions, there is a lot to learn from other people's viewpoints.
    There's so much information free and available to you, what are you waiting for! :O

    As for the job thing; any experience is good experience. Well, to a certain extent. And if you think it's going to kill you, you can always quit. In other words, you might as well go for it and you've got nothing to lose if it doesn't work out.
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    Wikipedia has a nice little "random page" feature. Hit that a few times and I'm sure something will catch your interest. and don't worry about figuring stuff for the rest of your life. Those kinds of things may hit any second. For now, just study what interests you. Opportunities will present themselves, especially in college.
  5. Fealty

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    First of i want to thank you all for your great responses i really wasn't expecting much on my ramblings. Your post in particularly kibi after reading i felt inspired so thanks :). I am studying Einstein brilliant man and it really sparks my interest. I love reading fiction or non fiction doesnt matter to me!

    As for the wikipedia thing i know theres alot of valuable information on them but i dont want to learn false things either. I have read of some debates and also got involved in some in the past It is interesting to see how other peoples minds work. Well anyways i got to go thanks.

    To be honest when replying i wasn't sure what to say sorry :D
  6. Millz

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    Go to

    That site is amazingly addictive and you can learn so much by going there. You can learn about sports, entertainment, movies, TV, science, politics, etc. Its fill in the blanks and if you practice and practice you can learn whatever you want.

    Because of that site I can name every single country in the WORLD and also identify all the flags from Europe and South America. To some its useless information but I disagree. Its also helped with my sports history and current history. I play around on it all day long sometimes.
  7. Nick-Aotmzgin

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    Yearning try and do it.

    i think that the first move will be Ganing knowledge then decide which act you gonna place next.

    Job work studys etc... are just

    need to be seperate...

    librarys and unicverstys great sources for knowledge..

    i recommend to Do what your mind first telling you.

    go next and do steps 2 3 and visit the data sources.
  8. hydronicrocker

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    I just signed up to this forum today, and I'm excited about being able to converse with others through not only many diverse perspectives but also with more than just a short answer you receive via an IM half the time.

    I think we all go through this stage in our lives. But some choose to direct their thoughts differently and perceive things very similar or far different from others. This is why we are all unique.

    Firstly id like to say, I felt very much in a situation similar to this and when I looked at my life, my self and who I am, i realized that I didn't even know who I was, or what I wanted to do in life, what my goals were, my ambitions, what I wanted to see and do. You get fulled with these words "Oh don't worry about it, you don't need to know what you want to do with your life just yet." But if we get told this then we seem to think okay ill just ride it out and see where it leads me. The truth is really exploring who you are is an important aspect that needs to be covered otherwise you may not focus or stick to any future goals or career choices you decide on because you are not certain of what you want.

    I started looking into religions and beliefs first. That was my first thing that I wanted to cover as conversations at the time had been revolving around these sorts of things. I would always say oh i don't believe in god and i was forced into going to church as a child, but that didn't define what it was that i believed in. So I found out about paganism from books and people, instead of just going by the stereotypical labels of most beliefs, you'll find a lot more out if you have a look yourself and see what your take on it is. I looked into Wicca and was quickly drawn to the idea and got quite excited about it.
    I visited the Buddhist Temple, spoke to Buddhists and read up about it.
    Months passed and nothing progressed with my Wicca and Buddhism, so then i decided to take a look into the mind and energy, i quickly grew an interest in this and a few weeks later realized that what i admired in these religions i had looked at, was that i was very much seeking peace and harmony in my lifestyle, i wanted to wish good upon others and be doing something good for not only myself but others.

    Soon after i was browsing through a bookstore and a few books caught my eye, some outlined a lot of what i had been reading. Things to do with energy and positivity. I also spotted a book on the law of attraction and wrote down the names of these books in my phone.

    One night while i was doing my usual relaxed state thinking I started thinking about past experiences, and this one bloke popped up in my head that had once upon a time asked me if i knew of the law of attraction. Now I thought this guy was a bit of a weirdo and he was, so i dropped the idea of following through and reading the link he had sent me, but i decided now; years later, to take a look into this law of attraction. I got a book out on it and started reading up.

    This book helped me discover my needs and boundaries, how to handle situations and be the person i want to be. How to attract what i want and stick to it. I was nearly finished the book and one night decided to watch a movie, I went through my list and decided to watch one called "The Secret" I thought "hmm this might be a cool movie." ... It turned out to be a documentary on the law of attraction. It was the most motivating and empowering thing I have ever seen. I watched it a couple times afterward to show people what I had found and share the experience with them. I showed my youngest brother, and he now is beginning to understands the value of life and goals. What he wants for his future, and what he will attain.

    My advice to you is to look into who you are and find out what your needs are and so on..
    Here's a list of ideas:

    • Get out a book & or the documentary movie (The Secret) on the law of attraction.
    • Get a book out on psychology so you can understand the brain further and how we process our thoughts and so on maybe a book that isn't too complicated but not too basic like "The COMPLETE IDIOTS guide to PSYCHOLOGY" - FOURTH EDITION by Joni E. Johnston, Psy.D.
    • After discovering yourself and your needs boundaries and so on, you can then progress to discover what it is you enjoy and what you are passionate about. Get books out on these topics to further your knowledge and see if its really what you enjoy.
    • Moderate your lifestyle - Keep your hobbies maintained and regular. Some with the need to be organized may want to have a written schedule whereas others may train themselves to get in the pattern of doing what it is they want to do.
    • Find out about your star sign, your year born, your date born, maybe astrology and maybe get an application on your facebook, iphone or simply visit and look at what your star sign represents and what traits are found in you. It is important to see yourself and know yourself. Psychic Guild also offers dream interpretations and love horoscopes etc.
    I hope this was of some help to you. I would love to go on but I have already gone on enough. Hope you got through all of this =D

    You can contact me to talk further if you like
    Hotmail: hydronicrocker
    I do have msn and i check my emails almost daily

    Thank you for reading

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