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YEAH! We're Moving!


Registered Member
Hi guys...did ya see my post on the Earthquakes in California thread about trying to get into a bigger place? Well, here's the scoop:
Right now we're in a 2BR/1BA side x side Duplex. We've been wanting for quite a while now to get into a bigger place. Not only has Krissy taken over the LR with all her baby stuff...but there is literally ebay stuff in EVERY room of this place with the exception of the kitchen & the bath. There's ebay stuff in the Laundry room, LR, DR, our BR, & Krissy's BR. Plus we've got one of those mumbo-jumbo size computer desks & that is in the DR as well, along with the other computer crap (digital camera, tri-pod, scanner/printer, scale). So lil claustrophobic me has been on the hunt for a bigger place.

Well about 3 houses down from us there's a for-rent sign in the yard last week. So I go look at it last week...it's a 3BR/1 1/2BA HOUSE...plus it has this nice size fenced in back yard with a HUGE wood 10x10 storage shed in the back. I asked a few people on here to keep their fingers crossed for me cuz I wanted this place sooooooo bad.

And I'm happy to announce that whoever had their fingers crossed for me....TY, TYVM, <smoochies> & (hugs) & *kisses* to you all...cuz it worked!! She called yesterday to tell us she wanted to rent it to us! We went over today & signed the papers & gave her the deposit & we move in August 1st! Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!! I'm sooooooo happy!

This means that the desk, computer & all it's accessories can go in the 3rd BR & we're gonna put up shelves in that room with a closet organizer for all the ebay stuff + have the storage shed to use for excess.

The one & only downfall to this place is no dishwasher...but I'm already on my hunt for a portable one & hoping I'll find over the next month! I can't wait!


Registered Member
Right on I am so happy for you....Congrads


Registered Member
Thank you! I'm doin the happy dance! It's gonna be so great to be in a house instead of a duplex...not having the neighbors on the other side of our BR walls!


Registered Member
Congrads girl! I know what its like to REALLY need a bigger place, I am happy you found one. And that shed will be a BIG help on keeping the clutter down!!


Wanna play?
Congratulations Julie! I love to see things working out for people! Are you busy mentally decorating it now?


Registered Member
YEAH CONGRATS!!! (but NO dishwasher?! Yikes! Ahhh what about that portable DW you married? That'll work????? :)) Next stop......up "Nort!!! :D


Registered Member
Gongrats on getting the new place .Hope all goes well.


Registered Member
Yay! Julie! now you can take all your little clusters of stuff and really spread them out!! Oh well, maybe that's just me! Krissy will love growing up in her new big backyard! YAAAAYYY!!!


Registered Member
YAY!! I am so happy for you!!! Your gonna love all that space!!!! Congrats!


Registered Member
Thanks you guys! Yeah, I've already started making mental pictures of what's going where in each room. And the portable dishwasher I married? Yah Right! He don't even load the DW now! Hahahaha!
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