Yeah!!! Level 2... my about me page on here!!!


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Hi everyone.. well I made it to level 2...

A bit about me...

I'm a 26 SWF from Ontario, Canada... Live at home with my mom. Dad passed away in 1999. My mom is bi-polar and struggling with many ailments.
I joined this sight because I came across the forehead guys website and kept an eye on other auctions that have been brought to media attention recently over the past year.
I recently found myself in a bind myself. Last March (2004) I was wrongly diagnosed with Renal Failure (kidney failure) when all I had was a very bad kindey infection... I suffered greatly from the adverse medications and treatments I received. I was going to go back to work in September of 2004 but again started to fall ill with alot of the same symptions I did back in March. From Septemeber until April of this past year I have been on various pain medications, gone through radiation and one attempt at chemo which caused me to obtain a collapsed lung as a result from getting very vomitty from the treatment... This past April I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and they now believe that was the problem all along... I went for 4 different opinions to various doctors to find out why I was so ill and not once did they check me for cervical cancer... I go next week for a rectal exam to check if the kindey infection and it's changes in my bowl did any other damage...

It's hard being so young and my mom being very emotionally unstable... she has recently gotten ill again and is in the early stages of being schizo-affective. She's very manic right now and it's hard to cope with on top of what I am already dealing with... the computer is a nice escape... time flies

I came onto eBay to try and get some attention with funny auctions but out of somesort of conscience I couldn't continue with an auction of which I felt like I was trying to sell my story or my soul... but now when I look at all the support and help many have received I regret taking down my 4 auctions I worked hard on. I received some great emails and really enjoyed talking with some new friends from far away who have shown some compassion...

I think Mr. Cute Forehead Guy has a great thing going and I wish him the best of luck in his marketing... and to all the other members who have posted some great auctions for great causes I applaud you at your efforts and wish you much luck!!

Thats my hello for becoming a level 2 member hehehe...
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First of all - welcome!
Secondly, I can't imagine what you're going through. How awful. I get kidney stones and I know how painful they can be, I just can't imagine the pain you're going through. And how frustrating to be incorrectly diagnosed like that! I pray that things start looking up for you!
helpisontheway said:
Thanks so much... kidney stones for men they say is worse then giving birth for a woman...
:::snort::: You know who says that? Men! LOL! Actually, I think labor pain is worse, but it's more easily forgotten as it's more satisfying holding a new baby than it holding a little piece of sand that you've peed out.


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hehehe... nope i'm a girl, though the breast fairy skipped me and keeps loading up my mom... The pain from the kidney infection is pretty bad, I was stuck in bed for 2 weeks before I finally gave in to go to the hospital to see what's wrong. I'm a bit scared with the cervical cancer... I hope to have kids one day but I don't know my options of that yet. I haven't asked. They haven't brought it up. There are at least two fibroids that they are aware of and one patch of spotting. Whether or not the fibroids are cancerous is yet to be determined... when they did the scans through ultrasound the fibroids never showed up until they did the camera... the most important thing I have to be greatful of is that I am still at home and not yet in the hospital.


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WOW!! It amazes me at the stories of goings on in peoples lives on this board! I'm sorry to hear about all your problems. It is nice to be able to come here and "unload" and not have someone picking you apart. Maybe you should consider putting your auctions back up? You never know they might make you some much needed money.

It would not do for me to have money, because in a matter of days I would be broke......I see SO many people I'd like to help!

What makes me SO mad though is to hear these stories of doctors mistakes!!?? And then they still charge you money!! What is up with that!!?? If you get terrible service at a restaurant usually they give you your meal free.........why is seeing a doctor any different!?? I KNOW that nobody is perfect, but come should very well try to be 99.9% perfect when you are dealing with someone life!! URGH!! My feathers are getting ruffled again!

I welcome you to Level 2, and in no time you will be at 3, and then 4 enjoy yourself!!



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Thanks so much for your reply... I'm in a similar boat with money... I haven't been working since September of 2004... I was working from home the days I couldn't make it in to work and when I finally felt strong enough to go in everyday and go on as normal I felt like poop again...

So money has been tight... Even with unemployment now I help my mom out alot. She has prescripions paid for but I don't... the Canadian healthcare system I have to say has helped me... but when it comes time for stronger medications I won't be able to afford them... I'm hoping for a bit of a miracle to happen with radiation and the morphine drip... I still have my humour and when that is gone then that means I have given in...

I have applied now for disability but the stupid government thinks that I can still work part time. As the notes mt doctos supplied made it seem as if from 2pm-9pm I am capable of working as I do not have appointments. I'm walking with a cane when I go to the grocery store to hold me up and they think I could work... I'm throwing up at least 6 times a day... pooping out every hole and they think I can work... I'm losing so much weight I look like the Olsen twins mother... yet the government thinks that I can still work. So disability is on hold until the doctors can provide a more sound treatment timeframe and how stable I am to be working... I worked for the RCMP Forensic Identification Units... like CSI but without all the money and Vegas lights... I love what I did... would I work at a Donut shop or a McDonalds... in a heartbeat but could I work a full hour without being sick... NO...

arrrghh... hehehe... it feels good to just type and vent... I need to get a diary going I think...

... here I was waiting patiently to try and get my avatar up and going and I just found out that with level two I can do it hehehe... so I posted the last known picture of me to be taken... My birthday last November...
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