Yata-Garasu , Friday July 7th 2006

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What a way to end the week, as well as banned month. Today we look at one of the most scariest cards ever. While it is only a wind, only has 200 atk, and retrieves to your hand at the end of the turn it's effect is so devastating. If advantage means every thing, then what do you do to stop it? Answer: you cut off the source.

Being able to stop some ones draw is immensely powerful. If you were to use Yata in many of the old combos then you would be sure to win. The deadliest combo by far to stop your opponent in their tracks was simple. Have Witch/Sangan on the field, specail summon Chaos Empire Dragon destroy every ting and then you search the bird. It was pretty much game after that.

Aww the sweat, sweat, memories of Yata. How I miss you so. Yeah you a reason a lot of people stooped playing, but it's all good.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: Banned
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