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Yao out for season


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
It was just announced that Yao has a stress fracture in his ankle that's had him on the sidelines since last month. I have a feeling his lack of durability is going to lead to him retiring (as stated by BR earlier this year).

What a damn shame. He's a massively talented player that could never get over the injury bug. I've always liked this guy.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yao said that if he doesn't feel well after the off-season is over then he's just going to call it quits. It's a real shame since Yao Ming is a talented player. At one point he was considered one if not the best center in the league, he was battling Shaq for the title, and that's saying a lot. It does remind me of the Bill Walton scenario, has all the talent in the world but can't real showcase it for a long period of time due to injuries. I do hope he can recover from this, but as of right now I don't really see it happening.


Registered Member
Bad news continue for this giant.. I really think he should retire and when he's alright play with China


A Darker Knight
I think that's what starts to happen if a guy is too huge. All these stress fractures and whatnot. I think he should retire, at least from the NBA. If he still needs to play for China, I doubt he can last long enough to play in both teams.