Yao '50-50' for August world games

Discussion in 'NBA' started by scottmcgrady, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. scottmcgrady

    scottmcgrady Guest

    Do you think China still have a chance or did you think they didn't have a chance to begin with? Do you think it was a right decision or not? I think it was because he doesn't want to hurt it again and there is always another opportunity to come up in the future. He needs to get healthy and then he should play.

  2. shawnesty23

    shawnesty23 Guest

    they didnt have a chance to begin with. usa will take this pretty easily trust me. without yao they are probably one of the weaker teams
  3. scottmcgrady

    scottmcgrady Guest

    Yeah i thought so too. I want USA to take it again and i think they will with the team they have coming up.
  4. Xero.Shab

    Xero.Shab Guest

    I think that he should skip it this year. He needs to work on getting back in shape for next season.
  5. scottmcgrady

    scottmcgrady Guest

    At the moment, coming to play physical basketball soon, is not right for him so he needs to rest for next season so he doesn't hurt it again for his future.

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