Yankee Stadium through the years.



When possible I will provide captions to go along with the pictures. I'll start with a few of my favorites.


1926, Ruth at the plate.

1927 World Series

Extention of the grandstand, Jan, 1946.

Jan, 1946, refitting the grandstand, this would be the last time anything as done until the modernization in the 70's.

The view from the platform through the years. The first is sometime between 1961 and the repaint in 1967. Te second is after the repaint in 1967.

Papal visit in (I believe) 1952

View from above, 1956

Watching the Apollo 13 liftoff during a game, 11 April, 1070.

Babe's casket in the rotunda.


Bleachers through the years.
9, September, 1928


Opening day, 24 April, 1934

21 July, 1948

World Series, 1 October, 1941

World Series, 4 October, 1958


Thanks for the kind words guys. I'll put a copy of this post over in the Ruth thread too as it fits there.

The first and 23rd of August, 1942 - Ruth visits his house for a couple old timers games and to raise money for war bonds. On the first he took some time to discuss with the press his pitching style and technique. So much for everyone being fixated on his slugging.

23 August, 1942 - Back at the Bronx cathedral Ruth this time displays his hitting prowess to the thousands on hand for another old timers/war bond game. His opponent on the mound that day... the incomprable Walter Johnson.

Ruth takes (I believe) 21 pitches without one leaving the field. Pitch 22 connects and while not being his best ever its still a towering shot that soars into the upper deck of the five year old grandstand and goes foul by about ten feet. Ruth, knowing this is the best he could give his fans trots around the bases anyway and the fans still cheer him on as though it were fair. He was 47 at the time.

This last one has been the topic of much debate over on Baseball-Fever. Its Ruth taking batting practice at Yankee Stadium in 1942, but when exactly? The number on the catcher's jersey does not correspond with any player on the Yankee's roster during the '42 season. We know Ruth was there at least twice (the two August dates mentioned above) in 1942 but nothing further is know about the picture. So the mystery continues...