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Ya'll please forgive me!


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I'm a drifter and I know it seems like I am only here when I want something. *sniff*

But my baby needs your votes. I entered him in a baby/toddler contest to win some prizes and we need votes. It's not complicated all you have to do is click the link, scroll down the the picture that is named Paxton and click vote. Thats it!! He really appreciated is and SO DO I!!

I hope everyone's auctions are going well. I hope that sometime I will get back into the auction scene. I got my babedoll71 account back, I'm just skittish about selling anymore...........we'll see........

Thanks in advance and HEY send me an email sometimes!!

Oh and please feel free to help us out by forwarding this on to your friends.

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what? no pink?
Hey Jen

good to hear from you : )

the link would not open for me


Wanna play?
I already voted yesterday through the email you sent out. :D


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Thanks! I think it's going to be more work than its worth. But Paxton does love sitting at the computer with me and having me tell him how many votes he has and how many all the others have and what their names are, and then its No, I don't know their mommy, Honey, I dont know where they live........LOL He's such a cutie!
Andrew said:
It opened just fine for me. I put in a vote. Good luck! :D

Thanks Andrew.........and I listed a new ebay contest, this one takes some creativity so I'm sure someone from here will win one of those 1,000 gift certificates! LOL I think the most talented people are here! LOL
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what? no pink?
well it opened for me that time. must have been some sort of problem with the website the first time I tried :)


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GOOD LUCK.I voted for ya Paxton


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Ok, lil 1 FB missy! I voted for Abigail for you.... hahahahahhaha! You know I voted for your baby!:lol:
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