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Yahoo sues Facebook over patents


aka ginger warlock
So, Yahoo!, you are latest of many to jump on the internet Bandwagon of wanting to sue the mighty Facebook, hey, I can't blame you, your company is in the skids, why not sue? What do you have to loose.

Or maybe, just maybe you don't have a case, maybe, just maybe you are doing this because you feel it will win you some cash in court that will show something for your company.

See this is my problem. I know people dislike Facebook and Zuckerberg but all these lawsuits as said in the article just smacks of desperation. The problem with this and multiple of patent lawsuits doing the rounds these days is it is very difficult to argue that wrong doing did or did not take place but at the same time it is easy. I don't know if Yahoo! have a case in this, Facebook may well have taken patents that were originally Yahoo!'s but I am very skeptical, is it just me or does it not seem a bit odd that it has taken this long for Yahoo! to announce to the world that Facebook may or may not have ripped them off?

For me the patent arguments need to stop, it does not make companies strong it makes them look weak, maybe not in the eyes of the CEOs but in the mind of a lot of people it does, Apple is one I have lost a lot respect for, forget about what Bill Gates may have done to Steve Jobs (rip) in the past, we need to focus on the here and now and the here and now is Yahoo! are a dying company and if they think suing anyone will help them out I think they will find they are very much mistaken.


Free Spirit
Staff member
One reason it may of took Yahoo so long to sue Facebook is they didn't realize what they were doing until recently. If you come up with something new and you get a patent on it others don't have the right to steal it. If someone stole something from you would you just let it go?