XP cycle boot


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Yesterday I ran a virus check on my XP machine, and it found and killed an infected file, but the subsequent reboot left it getting to the XP splash screen and then rebooting over and over again.

I rebooted off of my recovery CD and and started the Recovery Console, and tried a chkdsk and a fixmbr, but it is still doing it. God I hate windows sometimes.

Any suggestions?


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If you have managed to log onto your desktop, try system restoring, as that helps for most problems...otherwise, ask someone who is really good with computers, and he/she might help. If all else fails, then try backing up all your files, and format your disk, and start over.


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See if you can get into Safe mode and then do a system restore (Start->Help and Support). If all else fails, boot off the XP Home/Pro cd and do a system repair (The first screen after the EULA Agreement, but before your asked to do a format and restore). Make sure you have your product key handle. Afterwards, you'll have to activate and reupdate your system, but all your programs and data will still be there.


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Thanks guys. I did try the System Restore, and went back several restore points, and still had the problem.

Going to have to try the System Repair (if that's different than what I already tried...)

My gut level guess is that I'm going to be doing a full clean install, and trying to rebuild everything. Fortunately, all I really do is game on that machine :-/



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Once the virus reaches a point where you can't even boot up your computer, you're screwed :p I'd recommend getting Spybot S&D and McAffee, because these two together have protected me from several potentially deadly viruses over the course of a year.
I hate when that happens! I have gotten to the point, more than once, when I had to just go back in with my start-up disk. I hated it, because I lost important information, but there was nothing else I could do.


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The best thing is to always have backups. If you have a lot of important information, then burn it to a DVD once a week or something.