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XM and Sirius Merging?


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Staff member
Looks like XM and Sirius Radio might be merging companies. This could be pretty interesting if it happens.

One thing is for sure though. I don't recommend buying Sirius stock. I had a ton of [SYMBOL]SIRI[/SYMBOL] when they were over $6.00 per share and they have since dropped to $3.26. Glad I got out when I did.

From a consumer perspective this could be pretty exciting though. Now all those XM radio users might be able to listen to Howard Stern without having two subscription radio services..

Merging into one company would give them a monopoly in subscription radio though. That's part of the problem with the merge. It might not be approved by those who regulate such things.

XM-Sirius merger approved by DOJ - Mar. 24, 2008


Gahaha... I see this as a desperate act to save money and don't go flailing into bankruptcy. I'm sure they're both good companies and good at what they do, but don't they know Americans are cheap and can get quality radio for free rather than paying for it?

Merging them would be great for the consumer having Oprah and Howard Stern on the same radio, but as you said... the whole monopoly thing... -.-;