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What can I say? I am Xilmwa the fourth Xica of Xictillis. Some may already know me. This is basically one of my first shots at being social, so be forewarned. I'm probably going to have a different sense of humor, philosophy, and I'm probably going to be really distrustful at first, but I might ease up. I'm pretty sure I came to here from my homeland in Xictillis through some kind of mishap involving a rouge robot, a pool of acid, and a biological interdimensional teletransporter. That is all I am saying about Xictillis for now.


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Wizyao youngblood remember me?

Hows the 4th Xica doing without me?
2nd in command, Royal Xectillian Guard, right?

I'm kind of on the wrong planet.

I figured out I need an interdimensional tele-transporter, but they don't have those here, and since I'm stuck in this damned human body, there's no guarantee I would get across the light veil.


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That is one of the weirdest intros I've ever heard. None the less, welcome to the forums, and I'm hopeful you'll become a huge contributor to this great place. I'm sure your going to like them a lot if you become active.

Enjoy yourself and I'll see you around.


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Welcome to GF. Hope you find you like it around here.. We really aren't all that scary. If you have any questions just let us know!


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Um, is everyone here going to argue and attack me from every angle on everything I say just because I am 14, Or do people here actually appreciate opinions no matter if they agree or not?