The Super Pimp of GF
Chapter 1 “The girl”
Brett is you average freshman college student he worries about his grades, work and most importantly girls. He always seemed to have the worst luck with girls and it never seems to get any better. As soon as he gets ready to make a move on a girl he likes she always either has a boyfriend or mysteriously gets one right as he is about to act. His major also doesn’t help his social life. He is in the engineering program which has a history of great difficulty and it really doesn’t impress the ladies. Regardless he pushes on and hopes to meet a girl that would be great for him.
It was the first week of the second semester and Brett was already knee deep in homework that he just barely understood. He decided it would be best for him to visit his school’s library in order to get the most work he can get done in the shortest time. He sat down at an empty table and began to study. Hours passed by and out of the corner of his eye Brett saw a girl walking towards his table. She walked right past him and sat at the table across from him and she sat facing towards Brett. She was beautiful she had dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He was so distracted he could no longer keep his mind on his studies he would feign working but every chance he got he would look at her. She was typing on her laptop the entire time and occasionally she would let out a giggle and go back to work. She was so cute but Brett was far too intimidated to go up and talk to her.
A colossal guy who looked to be a few years older than Brett walked up to her and asked her out. She looked at her laptop typed a few things in and then told him to go away and leave her alone. He got very frustrated and smashed his hand on her table and began to yell at her. Brett took it upon himself to walk up to him and stop him. The guy turned around and Brett immediately felt dwarfed. Even though Brett was six feet tall this guy towered over him. He also had at least 100 pounds on him. The bruiser stopped his yelling and turned around to face Brett “So what are you this bitch’s boyfriend or are just and annoying piece of shit?” Without waiting for and answer he punched Brett in the face sending him reeling backwards. As things went dark the last thing Brett saw was the girl still typing on her laptop. Did she not care that he stood up for her? Then Brett blacked out.
When he woke up he was in the infirmary. The nurse informed him that the guy who beat him up was arrested for assault and battering. This didn’t relieve Brett in the slightest he still was frustrated by the fact that the girl who he stood up for didn’t care that he tried to help her. Brett asked her about the girl and they said that the police didn’t mention the girl. He dropped the subject and after some processing they let him return to his dorm. Since it was the weekend he decided to rest there and he might as well go back to the library and get the work that he didn’t finish done.
He walked to the same place he sat before and saw the same girl from before sitting in her same place. She didn’t even notice Brett. He waited until she left and decided he would follow her home. He knew that he was stalking her but he didn’t care he wanted to learn more about this girl. She walked to the outskirts of the school and off campus. Brett had no clue where she was going. All of the sudden a person emerged from the woods and stood in front of her “So agent 01 have you found the subject yet?” she shook her head. The man was taller than the guy who knocked Brett out and he was dressed in a black suit. “Well continue you research and contact us when you find them.” Brett fell out of his hiding spot and the man saw him. The man pulled out a gun and after a bright flash once again Brett was unconscious.

Chapter 2 “Captured”
When Brett regained consciousness he was strapped into a chair and bright lights were in his eyes. Where am I? Brett thought to himself as he attempted to look around. The lights dimmed and the man he saw before was seated in front of him. “How much did you see?” Brett was scared speechless and it took him a few minutes to get out a coherent sentence “Well… I was… um… following her because she was…. Well… weird then I heard you talking about agents and that’s really about it” The man look furious “You are from Zion aren’t you?” Brett was so confused to the point where he was not even sure how to respond “What is Zion and who are you? Where am I are you like some spy or assassin?” Without a word the man stood up and left. As the door closed to the room Brett could hear the man say “He is too big a risk we don’t know for sure if he is a member of Zion so we should kill him…” The door shut and Brett began to really panic.
After an hour of panic the girl from the library walked in and brought her laptop. She sat down and began to type “Who the hell are you? What are you doing?” Brett was furious but he noticed something weird. He felt like someone was in his head messing up his thoughts. This is just like when he was in the library and he could focus on his studies. “You are in my mind aren’t you?” The girl continued to type. Brett leaned back and closed his eyes. He conjured an image in his head. Instantly the girl’s laptop began to short-circuit. She let out a yelp as it exploded. “How did you do that?” she screeched. Brett opened his eyes and they were glowing blue. His fists began to glow and then his entire body became engulfed in a blue glowing light. He stood up and snapped the straps that held him in. Brett put his hand forward and a blast of light went flying through the wall destroying the room next to it. People were running around terrified as Brett marched through their building glowing brightly. He merely had to hold out his hand and a blast would destroy what was in his path. As he was about to exit a man about Brett’s age stood in his way. He held out his hand and made a fist and instantly the earth rose up and encased Brett.
The man began to walk towards where Brett was and he chuckled “That’s the rock coffin kid trust me you cannot escape that! I could kill you but you seem to be special like us.” The ground began to shake and the rock coffin exploded. Brett stood glowing just as bright as before and with a blast of energy sent the man flying. Brett exited the building but as he took a step out he dropped to his knees. He was holding his head and he fell face down in the dirt. He propped himself up against the door frame and put his head against the door. “Well that was unexpected from someone who’s power was unknown even to them” It was the man in the black suit. “If you will let me I will explain to you exactly what is going on and how you play a role in this” Brett nodded slowly and the man helped him up and led him into a meeting room that wasn’t destroyed.

Chapter 3 “Revelations”
“I will start from the beginning; you see there are genes in your body and the bodies of people like you that cause an accelerated evolution of the body. Sometimes the evolution could be physical or sometimes mental. We were searching your campus for just such a person. We would occasionally get spikes of energy on you campus that didn’t make any sense because they were nowhere near any source of power. We assumed it was someone with some kind of energy related power it looks like we were right. You see you are the person we were looking for. We are called Chronos there are so far 12 members with abilities like yours. I am sorry that was inaccurate. There are 12 people besides you that have abilities because none of them have powers like yours. Our goal is to protect the world from those with abilities that wish to harm the earth. There is an organization gathering people like you in order to conquer the earth using their abilities. That organization is called Zion. Our reason for keeping you here is that we want to know if you would like to become a member of our organization. You see we would help you master your power. We would give you a weapon that is compatible with your power and amplifies it. Also you shall be branded with the roman numeral of you agent number in your case XIII You would be our Northeastern guard in charge of all of Northeastern parts of our territories. Any questions?”
Brett sat for a few minutes digesting all the information. “Why did my powers awaken now?” “18 is a very common age for power development. Also I think the vast overflow you experienced was a result of Hanna trying to access your mind and you fighting it. Oh yes I forgot you were not introduced. The girl with the laptop is Hanna her ability is…” Brett interrupted him “She uses the laptop to hack into people’s minds and access their thoughts and memories. She also has the ability to use any computer of electronic device such as an ipod or CD player.” The man was confused “How did you know all of that?” “When I fought her coming into her mind and my powers surfaced the backlash forced part of her thoughts on to mine and I downloaded information about her powers like she was downloading my thoughts.” “Very interesting… Anything else you would like to know? Can we count on you as our number XIII” Brett nodded “I will start as soon as possible with my training”