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Xbox vs. PS3 Gamers


Problematic Shitlord
This is mostly in reference to competitive online titles such as CoD, not console exclusives.

One thing that I got absolutely sick and tired of hearing is how Xbox gamers are apparently better because they communicate more. It seems to be a common argument and it's completely false. Another is that Xbox gamers are apparently better because apparently they're more strategic. False again. Amusingly enough, I don't hear anyone arguing PS3 gamers being better for any reasons, which kind of makes me wonder if this sort of egotism is console specific. It most likely isn't, but it's a thought.

After playing through several Call of Duty's on the Failbox the past week and getting some online time in, I can safely say a few things. One, the connections are just as shit as the PS3's are (when it's up and running). Two, there are SHIT TONS of campers on Live, way more than I ever saw on PSN. I don't know the reason behind this, but on Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 I constantly run into campers on every single goddamn map and we're not talking dudes who just stopped to reload. I'm talking hardcore campers.

But these are just my brief observations. Have you heard things like this? What have you heard? Is there anything you agree with?


I've never played an xbox, but I do get sick of the 360 attitude sometimes. Most of my friends play PS3 or PC and whenever I meet someone who is a 360 player for some reason their first action is to always abuse my choice of console.

I don't know why that is, but they like to go on about how wrong I am for choosing the console that I personally prefer and how far superior the 360 is. In the end I chose PS3 because I like the controller better and I like the exclusives better. None of the 360 exclusives stand out for me, but from some reason 360 players still like to lord over the fact that they think they have the better console.

Now I know this isn't every 360 user, but I have met enough gamers like this in my time that this is now unfortunately how I view 360 users which is in somewhat of a negative light.

I've never met a PS3 gamer who will rub their PS3 in the face of a 360 user because they know each console is different, and some are better for others. It just depends on your personality.


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I haven't played Call of Duty on Black Ops as much as I've played it on the PS3, but from what I've noticed camping is very similar on both. Keep in mind, I've played Call of Duty for the PS3 a hell of a lot more then the 360. I might as well just say I haven't played for the 360.

The one thing I can say I noticed from playing Black Ops on the PS3 compared to watching/listening to people on the 360 is that it seems like the PS3 has the older crowd and the 360 has the "whiny, high pitched" crowd. Sure, the PS3 has them, but I feel it's more evident on the 360 then on the PS3.


Creeping On You
I've noticed that it depends on the time of day. When I play with Swiftstrike and Vegito late in the night, we rarely run into the same amount of bitch-nannery that we ran into when me and Pretzel were playing with you yesterday. As far as connection issues go, I wasn't noticing any lag while we played. Obviously, that's just from my point of view. Console online gaming experiences vary from one person to another, so it's really hard to say exactly how something is. Also, generally, when I'm playing, if there are a ton of people in my lobby pulling off those tactics, I just back out of the lobby and search again to find a better group of people.

It's not console specific though. It's just people. Some people seem to have fun pissing other people off.


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And this is why I stick to playing online games from my computer. I have never really had any major issues and have always just left consoles to being single player like they used to be.


Formerly "Maikeru"
Cons i dont need to tell you that is pretty much my experience with CoD games on the xbox =p You should try halo reach. The community is only slightly better and you cant really camp in halo.

In terms of connection there is absolutely no difference at all for me, if you have to lag, you will lag on both. However i did experience much more hacks and cheats on the xbox version of MW2.
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Haters gonna hate.
The problem with Halo Maikeru is that it sucks and has sucked since the second one.
Really? I think it has gotten better, with Reach being the best Halo game to date.

Back on topic, though, I am a 360 gamer, and I do play on Live sometimes... but I don't sense an attitude.

I am not, however, implying that a generic attitude of cockiness doesn't exist online on either the PSN or XBL. To say that PSN has better gamers all-around than XBL (or vice versa) is being ignorant and fanboy-ish, which is something that clearly I can't stand... tbh.

This all boils down to the fact that people should play games for games sake, and stop treating it like it is a bigger deal than it is. These types of arguments (no offense to anyone here) just grind my gears. I don't see anyone from another online console provider as a bad person because some people on their console complain out the wazoo about a betrayal or a humiliation or anything of that matter.

And just because someone views a group of people as displaying an attitude, it doesn't mean we all have it.


Problematic Shitlord
I'm obviously stating my opinion with the Halo comment. I just think they've all been incredibly over hyped for years (in my opinion, because it's Xbox's flagship franchise so supporting it is like supporting your team's mascot). Reach does look good in deed but the others have just not lived up to any sort of expectation.

Upon further playing, the critique that more people have mics on Xbox is slowly becoming a negative in my mind. People like to claim this makes the game more strategic and allows for more communication but through my week plus of gaming across multiple CoD's, I've stumbled upon only a small handful of people using mics to communicate game strategy and a majority of them talking about dicks, niggers, faggots and dicks. Also, dicks.


Creeping On You
That's unfortuneatly due to the lower age range that play 360. All the parents get their kids 360's and give em whatever game they want. I've tried to communicate camper locations and stuff, and you just end up getting mocked, so I generally just mute everyone else on my team. That way I don't have to listen to 'oh your momma's dick is so huge blah blah blah'