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Basically, I'm going to be starting discussions on random XBOX 360 games, saga's, and genre's (etc), under the guise of a Club. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join this club - the only requirement is that you can answer and contribute productively - this basically means you have to own/play regularly on an XBOX 360. :D

The discussions will be generally to rate, talk about, and give your opinions on the game/topic as a whole.

So, to enter the discussions keep an eye out for threads with the title "XGC: blah blah blah", or "XBOX Gamer's Club: blah blah blah", etc.



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I'm in. I play all types of random games. I am also a gamerscore whore of sorts. I love getting achievements. I love helping people get achievements.

1000/1000 retail list (or as high as can currently be had)
Halo 3 (1250/1750 until the new maps come out.)
CoD 4
Lego Batman
Lego Indiana Jones
Lego Star Wars : The Complete Saga

200/200 Arcade list
Dash Of Destruction

Currently working on
Left 4 Dead (310/1000)
Kung Fu Panda (220/1000)
Gears of War 2 (930/1175)
The MAW (80/215)


I play my 360 quite a lot. I don't have a particular taste in games, nor can I afford LIVE atm, but that doesn't stop me. I haven't got 1000/1000 in any game as of yet, but I'm getting close with SceneIt: Lights, Camera, Action.


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Don't hesitate to make a discussion thread. Just label it XGC Discussion and when I see it I'll come running. :thumbsup:
Quite interesting. But i have a little problem with my Xbox but i will find a way to fix it as soon as possible so that i will be counted with this club.