XBOX 360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii (Fanboys stay out!)


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First of all, does anybody here own all three consoles?

If not, have you at least played them all extensively?

I'm looking for honest and non-biased evaluations of each, and a rank from 1 to 3. I've really only played the Wii. I have played PS3 and XBOX 360 at the stores (demos) but not for more than a minute or two at a time. Therefore I won't be ranking them in this thread.

If you haven't played all of them quite a bit then please don't bother replying. You'll just come off as a fanboy/fangirl.

Please answer the following questions:

1. How many games you own or have played extensively for each.

2. How many of your friends own each system.

3. Your favorite and least favorite thing about each system.

4. How long have you been playing each system.

5. Rank them from 1st to 3rd best and add anything else you think is relevant in explaining your decision.


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1. How many games you own or have played extensively for each.
For the 360, lets go with 10+. Roughly the same for the Wii. PS3, 5+.

2. How many of your friends own each system.
No idea off the top of my head. Around three have a 360, maybe one or two have a Wii, and my father (does that count) has the PS3.

3. Your favorite and least favorite thing about each system.
Good: Decent VG library; Bad: Increased statistical risk of hardware failure
Good: Innovative control system; Bad: Designers not taking it seriously/Not enough hardcore appeal
Good: Decent, free online; Bad: Current cost

4. How long have you been playing each system.
360 for around a year and a few months, Wii I guess you could say two years. PS3 is my failing point, with only a few days to try it out.

5. Rank them from 1st to 3rd best and add anything else you think is relevant in explaining your decision.
Joint first-360 & PS3
The PS3 and the 360 offer not only games for the more serious gamer, but games for the casual gamer, plus family oriented games. They have good online support, though PS3 wins here with no subscription fee and ability to use cash in the online market. While the 360 originally had an upper hand in its game library, the PS3 has bounced back to the point where it is worth buying. Either should suit any sort of gamer, with a variety of software (see above), and the exclusives are worth owning both as well.

Third place-Wii
The Wii's inovative control system should have placed this higher. In fact, I think we all were when this system first came out. Unfortunately, to date, very little designers have attempted to push the remote to its max. The fact that it is viewed more as the "kiddies console" does not help much either. A further slap in the face is Nintendo's change from the hardcore gamer to the casual and family gamer, leaving us with a system with little hardcore appeal and bundles of family/casual games with cliché controls. They're not all bad, but those that are good seem to be the exception rather than the rule. It does save some face with the virtual console and the WiiWare Channel, however.


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1. How many games you own or have played extensively for each.
I've played Rock Band and Resistance 2 extensively for the PS3. I've played Oblivion, Halo 3, Half Life 2: Orange Box, GTA IV for the 360. Never played a Wii.

2. How many of your friends own each system.
At least two own a PS3. Several own a 360- more than I can probably name off the top of my head. A few people own Wiis.

3. Your favorite and least favorite thing about each system.
Xbox360- the online system works, is active, and doesn't suffer from bugs. The controller feels good, the games while not as pretty as the PS3 don't usually suffer from glitches or slowdown.

Bad: Online costs decent money, some genres like RPGs don't have good representation.

PS3- strong graphics, some very compelling games.

Bad: Sony drags their feet on feature updates and making the online better. Costs a shitload. Has continually had problems constructing a strong library, opposed to the PS2 which had by far the most complete one.

4. How long have you been playing each system.
360 for about two years. PS3 for about one.

5. Rank them from 1st to 3rd best and add anything else you think is relevant in explaining your decision.
1. Xbox 360
2. PS3

The Xbox is the most well-rounded of the three systems. It is kind of vanilla in comparison, but it's got a host of good multiplayer games and an online system that makes you want to play them. The hardware design sucks, but I've avoided Red Ring.

PS3 seems to have ignored what gave the PS2 its charm- good price, and a ton of games from launch till demise.
Alright. I've played all three systems quite a bit. I own a Wii and a PS3, and my room mate and another of my good friends both have 360s. I have made it known before that I'm not a huge fan of the 360, but I know it has it's merits and I will be as objective as possible for this.

1.) For the Wii I own six games. For the PS3, I own four games (though one I just got today so I haven't played it extensively, and for the 360 I've played probably six or so games extensively.

2.) None of my friends own each system. Myself and my room mate are the closest out of anyone I know in that we both have two current gen systems (I have the Wii and PS3 and he has a 360 and a PS3 as well)

3.) My fav/least fav things about each system:
Wii: The motion sensing controls can be amazingly fun when done right (see Wii Sports). On the other hand, since the Wii is currently the best selling system, that means more and more companies are pushing out games with shoddy use of the motion sensing controls. Also a big plus for me is the ability to use the old Gamecube controller for some games, though that is just a personal preference since I loved the GC controller. Some other draw backs for the Wii are the graphical limitations and, though I don't really use it, the online functionality is aparently lacking. One more perk in my mind is that the Wii games are only $50, instead of the $60 that the PS3 and 360 games are, and the Wii is the cheapest system by far. Essentially, I see the Wii as having a few very strong games, and alot of duds.

PS3: The graphics are very good, and the fact that it is also a Blu-Ray player is also a very nice addition. The game selection is decent, since it has most of the multiplatform games (Fallout 3, Bioshock, GTA IV, Madden, etc...). However, it is a bit lacking in exclusive games, since lots of companies want to develop for the 360 as well becasue of it's larger user base (see GTA and soon to be Final Fantasy). Once again, on a personal note, the current controllers are almost identical to the PS2 Dual Shock controllers, which I quite like. The change comes in the area of the R2 and L2 buttons, which are now slightly more 'trigger-like,' as well as the addition of the Six-Axis motion sensing controls, though those are rarely used, and feel tacked on when they are. I've heard people complain about the PS3s online functionality, but based on my limited experience, it wasn't bad. Also, since it's free, that makes up for it in my book. The biggest draw back is probably the price of the system. Also, the newer PS3 variations don't have PS2 backwards compatibility, which may be a turn off depending on if you were planning on using that.

360: It's cheaper than the PS3, and has a very large game catalogue. It has pretty much every multi-platform game, as well as a large number of exclusive titles (Halo, Gears of War, Fable, Left 4 Dead). If you are a fan of online multiplayer, this is most likely the system for you. Most games have online multiplayer, and X-Box Live is praised as being very solid in managing it. Lots of people seem to really enjoy the controller, though I personally dislike it. The 360 is the only system that you have to pay for the online functionality for, which knocks it down a peg in my book. Also, to me it seems that alot of the 360s focus is on FPS games (of the four exculsive games I mentioned earlier, three are FPS games) so if you are a big fan of FPS games, this is probably a good system for you. If you aren't a fan of FPS games, then take that into consideration. Graphically, it's about level with PS3 in my oppinion, so it should look pretty damn good.

4.) I've been playing the 360 since it came out (my friend my freshman year camped out the day it came out), so for about three years (though my use of it has been a bit limited in respect to how long it's been out). I've had my Wii since the January after they came out, so that would put it at about two years. I just got my PS3 for Christmas, so that is the system I have used the least by far.

5.) My personal ranking is as follows 1st goes to the Wii, 2nd goes to the PS3, and 3rd goes to the 360. My reasoning is that the Wii, while lacking in quality games, the good ones are great. Smash Bros Brawl is constantly played, and Mario Galaxy is some of the most fun I've had playing videogames in a long time. The PS3 gets a big boost from the built in Blu-Ray player, the free online service, and the fact that I prefer the controller by a long shot to the 360. The 360 is 3rd because, in my book, the exlusive games aren't worth it. They are mostly FPS games with alot of emphasis on online multiplayer, which doesn't appeal to me. Also I hate it's controller. However, I can see how that appeals to alot of people, so I'm not speaking for everyone, obviously.

Which system you would prefer essentially comes down to what type of gamer you are. If you are fine with a game that doesn't have alot of substance, but is great to play with friends and family at a party of get-together, the Wii is probably your cup of tea. If you are a technophile and want some top of the line electronics and can settle with a game catalogue of lots of multi-platofrm games, then the PS3 is probably more along your lines. If you are a big fan of gaming online with people from all over, then the 360 is probably for you.

Thats how I see it at least. Feel free to ask me to clarify anything or ask more questions if you wish.


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I own an xbox360 and a wii. I dont own a ps3 but I have played on it a fair bit at friends and family members houses.

I like the 360, the range of games is good, I generally get my money worth out of the games. I like the ability to DL demos so you can try before you buy. With some demos I go back and play them over and over but would never buy the game. Sad thing is my console died last week and it seems to happen to a lot of people.

The Wii is fun but there are few good games for it. I generaly play it for 2 or 3 days and then it gets mothballed for a few months. It was a bit of a waste of money and mostly novelty value.

The PS3, what I have seen is similar to the 360 with a few unique elements, if I could afford one I would get one but I dont realy see the need for owning two consoles especialy as most games are cross platform and having played a few games on both I can not notice the difference. If you are going to buy a bluray player might as well buy a PS3 instead.

1. How many games you own or have played extensively for each.
xbox360 = +20
Wii = about 10
PS3 = 5 or 6

2. How many of your friends own each system.
PS3 and xbox360 evenly split. I know a few with wii's but not as many as the other two.

3. Your favorite and least favorite thing about each system.
+ Xboxlive, DL content
- Manufacturing defects (Red ring of death)


+ Unique controls, family orientated
- Sometimes annoying controls, poor games

+ Variety of games, Bluray player
- Price!, too many updates

4. How long have you been playing each system.
Ive had the wii for over 2 years but rarely use it. The 360 I have had for 12 months but have been playing on friends machines for about 2 year before then. The PS3 has been sporadic, recently quite a bit but before with long gaps between plays, about 2 years on&off.

5. Rank them from 1st to 3rd best and add anything else you think is relevant in explaining your decision.
1.) 360
2.) Ps3
3.) wii

360 gets it mainly due to price and dl content.
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1. How many games you own or have played extensively for each.
Wii - 0
PS3 - 0
360 - 13, none of which are Halo or Gears of War or any sports game

2. How many of your friends own each system.
I have two friends with PS3s, 7 with 360s, and 2 with Wiis.

3. Your favorite and least favorite thing about each system.
PS3 - Early on, it was the price tag. It was a ludicrous price and drove their sales very low. Now, it just has to be the lack of intriguing or even interesting exclusives.

Wii - The over-emphasis on family fun and child games. I'm well aware of there being M-rated games on it, but very, very few of them. The Wii could have some amazing horror or shooter games if they or other developers tried.

360 - Hardware difficulties. The system has a laundry list of problems but mostly with the first generations.

4. How long have you been playing each system.
Wii - I got to play it consistently for a few months since my housemate had one. I was very impressed and had a lot of fun.

PS3 - Haven't gotten to play it much but seeing as the controller is a near perfect replica of the PS2 and that it boasts minor graphical advantages over the 360, I never noticed anything about games I've played on it that have made me excited to own one. My best reason to own one? God of War 3.

360 - I've owned one for about 2 years now and I'm very pleased with it (minus the two crap outs it had, but both were fixed in under 4 days).

5. Rank them from 1st to 3rd best and add anything else you think is relevant in explaining your decision.

3. PS3
- The PS3 to put it simply has not intrigued nor excited me in any way so far outside of having God of War 3. It certainly has a lot more power than the other systems but I'm waiting to see that truly abused. The only real advantage that matters that the PS3 can tout over its competition is it's Blu-Ray capabilities.

2. Xbox 360 - A massive library, great online services, and the achievement system which Sony shamelessly copied. Outside of the technical difficulties (Which are disappearing now thanks to newer more efficient systems) the 360 really has no flaws I can think of. The controller is comfortable, the games are great, the exclusives are way better than anything the PS3 has offered so far. But when it comes to the best?

1. Nintendo Wii - Still atop my list of things I desperately want is the Wii. I have a strange disease known to the gaming community as "Dontgiveashitaboutgraphicsitis" which is apparently a taboo. To me, graphics are a bonus in a game. The Wii may not be anything more than a super powered Gamecube, but Nintendo is continuing to prove why it's the best and that's because they innovate. They've created arguably the next step in console gaming with their motion sensing games and managed to keep their system a family friendly one during a time in which gaming is taking serious hits from watchdog and parenting groups (which need to be excised like cancers).


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I have long been devoted to the Playstation Franchise. I have played 360s and Wiis with friends extensively. I absolutely hate the Wii in my experience. But their is a problem: I am asthmatic and far from an athlete, destroying the experience. So The wii can only be used by people that are unlike me, completely healthy. The controls themselves are suckish. I was constantly dropping them when playing, they do not make sense for FPS games. I do believe the motion sensor Controls are praiseworthy, but the games are not good enough for it.
The 360 is a mixed experience. The games where awesome, on par to Playstation, but the controls make no sense, and are confusing. Graphics are below the Playstations. But the fact that Halo, a game I LOVE on 360 has been monopolozed by Microsoft. An addition is that you have to BUY a DVD addaption to watch movies.
The Playstation 3 is by far the best of this trilogy. Smooth fitting controls. The ability to play DVD AND BluRay discs FOR FREE, better graphics. The only problem is that their are fewer games, the plus is that they are SO MUCH BETTER than anything on 360 and Wii.I miss the vibration option the original dualshock had, but the controler is still better than the Wii's and 360. It just fits in your hand, you don't have to drastically change your posture too much for anything.


I have had the PS3 for a year.

PS3: I bought the fourty gig version for 399, a ridiculous price, considering how much it has dropped since, plus their arn't enough games out their for it.
360: Prone to failure, shitty controls, and lack of DVD.
Wii: Suckish games, Suckish Hand controls, Kiddy games only
My take: PS3 is the best


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Do you mean regular DVD or HD-DVD? Because DVDs work just fine on the 360. It's the drive you have to buy if you want to watch HD-DVDs, which isn't likely to happen due to Blu-Ray becoming industry standard.

I also have to wonder - are the controls the fault of the manufacturer, or the developer?


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They built in a DVD player now? Oh shit I am behind a bit. But about 15% of people who bought a PS3 bought it for its BluRay quality.


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Dude . . . it could play DVDs on launch day . . . You did read the thread title about there being no fanboys here, right? Also:

So The wii can only be used by people that are unlike me, completely healthy.

No offense, but you have to be 300+ pounds to be winded after playing a Wii game. I understand that they may be a bit of a shock to comprehend at first but almost all games require light, fluid motions and nothing more. People just swing and flail hard because they think it will have more of an effect.

Also, I'm betting your critique of the 360's controller has to do with this:

I have long been devoted to the Playstation Franchise

Anytime you switch to something different than you're used to, it's going to feel foreign and uncomfortable. So after all of this is taken into consideration, your only real points are graphics and Blu-Ray.

Another quick fact, Microsoft hasn't monopolized Halo, they own the damn company that makes it! After Halo 1, they bought out Bungie since they made an exclusive title for them that sold systems.

I won't lie though, I'm surprised the PS3 isn't running into much in the way of technical problems since the PS2 had a reputation for shitting the bed quicker than a old sipping on a cocktail of x-lax and prune juice.