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Xbox 360 XBOX 360 to come out Sunday......


New Member
I was watching the news this morning... and they did a whole entire story on the 360... they also said the 360 will be released again on Sunday... as for how many they didnt say... BUT they said it would be released Sunday.. Im excited to say the least.. because maybe now I can get mine..


Secret Agent
Staff member
I wouldn't put money on this.. There's a good chance that even if there are more on Sunday, nobody will see one on the shelves. They can't possibly have enough more by now to do make much of a difference.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I made a post about this in another topic. There's an article at IGN about how Best Buy is getting more shipments on the 18th. I don't know what other stores are getting them, it only mentioned Best Buy.


Registered Member
i just heard that a town near LA had 70+ people lined up this morning and that that best buy had only 70 consoles.

and not too long ago i just heard about this site:

it provides Best Buy locations and how many consoles they were suppose to get in. pretty nifty.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
That's pretty cool. There's 25 Best Buy stores that came up for my zip code. Of course they're all spread out across the Chicago area, so some of them would take an hour or more to drive to. Most of them have 30-40 consoles, one of them has over 100. So I guess if you really wanted an Xbox 360, you could get one, as long as you're willing to stand outside in the cold all night (it's 10-15 degrees here today).