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Anyone else hear that there have been a good amount of reports of the XBOX 360 overheating? This is a little scary.

At least the manufacturer's warranty will cover it, but still. Maybe the system was rushed a little too much?

I don't know the details, but I just heard that it has some overheating problems.


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Yeah, I've heard this also. That's why it's usually a good idea to wait a little while after launch to buy a new console, so they can get all these problems worked out. The early Xboxes had some problems too.


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I think a lot of the people who had their Xbox 360 overheat was because lack of ownership. The store probably had them in the back room where it is cold. And when the owner got home the console was still cold but he turned it on anyway which would cause freeze ups, overheating in the long run, and crashes. And the over heating was because people weren't smart enough to know where to put a console so they put it where there was little ventilation or on top of a rug.


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I have heard that they have been overheating as well. :-/

Razyn - you bring up an excellent point.. What I have always done is make a wooden platform to set my systems on while they are sitting on the carpet to help with that problem.


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When I get mine I think I will put mine in the window still with the window opened.;) I'm to scared of mine overheating.


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that why people should wait a week or two after launch to get get the system on the 2nd go around...but i don't neva put my systems on the floor.


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When you massively produce a product, there is going to be defects. Working at a school where they always bought computers in bulk, there were always atleast 3 out of every 500 that had some kind problem.