Xbox 360 Xbox 360 modded [ not hacked ]


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the xbox in blue looks pretty cool, don't really like the window though, makes it look like a pc.

i like that they added lights to the controller, makes it look super slick.

and the remote looks really cool, but i'd assume it was a battery killer.


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Wow, nice find. I have always wanted to mod a system. I came close to modding one of my XBOX's (got a used one that I had planned to mod) but never ended up doing it.

I really like how the blue lights turned out. I've seen that site before. That guy mods a lot of systems and does very nice work. He sells some of this stuff on eBay from time to time too. :)


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Wow! :-o (need a smiley that shows the mouth dropping to the floor)

It's up to $7,800 on eBay. Man, I am doing the wrong things with my life!! That is some sweet machine.


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lol gamechamp, i don't understand you. Dang this thing got a lot on ebay, it looks kick-ass! That remote, sweet. i like the way it looks, but it would be cool with red or like orange. Great job to llama.

PS, it would be good to mod it like this, it has better air flow from that fan in it. Maybe whoever spends 10 g's on it won't have it overheat.


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I would have liked to see a nice and shiny black with blue lights. But, after thinking about it, the orange sounds cool too.

Now, is the winner gonna pay? Just peeked and they have a non-paying bidder negative.