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Xbox 360 XBOX 360 Game Prices


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:( Games are up to $60 a pop now... This kind of makes me mad. While it's only $10 more, it's more than it should be. I have only paid $60 for a few games, and they were worth every penny... but even so, I don't want to pay $60 for mediocre stuff. I think this pricing is flawed and unfortunately it's only going to work, because who'd going to NOT buy a 360 and some games because of this? I know I still want one.

Games better be worth the extra $10 that's all I have to say.



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I usually wait until prices drop to $20-30 anyway, but I guess now maybe I'll have to wait longer for them to get that low. I only pay $50 for a game if it's something I gotta have right away, like a new Zelda game or Halo or something.


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Third-party games are $60, but microsoft games (Kameo, PDZ) are both $50 dollars with the LE costing $60.


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I think its fair. The hardware technology has jumped 4 fold while the development technology has only increased about 30% requiring more hours and more people to develop quality titles that really push the hardware. Of course I wait till most games become budget titles unless they are simply must haves like Elder Scrolls Oblivian and the hopefully will be released eventually Zelda for Gamecube.


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*rips wallet to shreds, cuts further with a chainsaw, hammers repeatedly, throws in a fire, and fires ashes in a rocket to the sun*

That's what you're making me do, Microsoft. I'm probably just going to wait for all the games to drop in price... or go on eBay. Even new games can get pretty low in price there.


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It just cost so much more to develope a game. You can see that because it's most third party games that cost $60.