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  2. ysabel

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    She surely doesn't look like she's 16 years old. The only things that grow is her hair and nails. Interesting. Now they think she might hold the secret to aging. Too bad she can't talk yet to tell us if she feels emotional changes, for example.
  3. Merc

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    I'm going to have to say that little girl is definitely the craziest out of all those cases. I don't think she holds any secret to aging, it looks like a growth defect to me but who knows. I honesty don't think there's a "cure" for aging to be honest.
  4. Mirage

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    That girl who doesn't age is so crazy. That's very interesting.

    I think the worst thing would be 16 years of diapers. I mean, I doubt she goes to the bathroom by herself if she's pretty much stayed a baby her entire life. Very strange indeed.
  5. Rebeccaaa

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    I read them all, the foreign accent one is pretty interesting/weird/hard to believe.

    Has that girl stopped growing all together, or just at a very very slow rate??
  6. Tucker

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    I heard of Foreign Accent Syndrome back in the '70s. There was a Texan boxer who suffered brain damage and started talking more or less like a Brit.
  7. ysabel

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    I believe she stopped. She has looked like that for years. They searched for every possible reason like gene defect or some illness, but other than the fact she's not growing, she seems healthy.
  8. Chaos

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    The worst thing I could imagine would be for her mental growth to be unchecked, unlike her physical growth. It would be the hardest thing to be self-aware and never be able to express anything (for lack of knowledge) or anything like that. To be physically unable to talk or signal or communicate and be understood, yet to be able to comprehend consciously your inability to do so would be the ultimate hell.

    This makes me wonder if they've actually tested her mental capabilities to find this out. (And no, I didn't read the link, lol. I'm too tired. :dunno:)
  9. Clear_Note

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    The girl that doesn't age definitely takes the cake for the most interesting one. The guy who resists cold is pretty cool too. (Pun non intended)
  10. Twitch

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    Think if you were that slow aging girl, and you kept growing.

    You'd outlive everyone you know.. That would be harsh.

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