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X-Men 3 Rocks


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Just saw The Final Stand (yeah, right ... definitely think there will be another one in the series, so don't get too upset about the title) yesterday and it was pretty darn good.

Don't want to talk about it 'cause I'll probably just give away plot stuff and don't want to tempt anyone with a "spoiler", but it's well worth going to see.

BTW, the mansion setting for the school is in the city I live in - it's one of the smaller universities in town and the school is the main building. The audience just kind of roared when the outside shots came on during the movie. Kinda cool.

We get a lot of movie filming around here for exteriors especially, 'cause I live in such a scenic location (eat your heart out if you live somewhere where you can't just head out any old time onto the water and check out the killer whale pod that hangs out here :) )

Anyway, good movie and good follow-up to X-Men 2.


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Staff member
I saw it as well and loved it. :)

You must live in or near BC then? I know a guy who lives there and went to that building during the filming of some X-2 scenes. He ended up getting his highschool yearbook signed by Hugh Jackman and it made it on to the special features disc. If you watch it Hugh says "Great going to school with you" slowely as he writes it in the book with his name LOL!

Anyway, X-3 was a very good movie.

I was shocked with the plot variations though. Some of the things that happened definitely did not need to happen now. It makes me wonder if certain actors wanted to get out of the series. I know at least one did.

Also, if you go see this movie, STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS! There is a very important 30 second clip that is played at the end that follows up one big question the movie leaves you with.


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Yeah, I live on Vancouver Island and the "mansion" is only a few miles from my house. I missed the casting call totally last year for X-Men 3 - darn. Although apparently they were searching mostly for people with "odd" bodies - very tall, very short, etc. - though I think they had to make due with a bunch of "normal" folks too. Would have been fun to get mutant makeup - wonder what they would have made me? Don't answer that :D

I agree with your spoiler, Andrew. Missed the credits though. Went with my younger bro' who doesn't like to sit through credits, even though I tell him he might miss something interesting - any chance of a spoiler letting me in on what was there Andrew?