X Games 15


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Has anyone been watching it? Yesterday was the first day and it was a big one. I try and catch certain events and the ones I like to watch were the last 2.

Jake Brown, 2 years after taking that sick wipe out in the Skateboard Big Air, takes away the Gold away from 2-time defending champ Bob Burnquist.

If anyone watched this, they'd have seen Brown trying to hit a 900 as his trick up the half pipe. His last try looked to seem like he was going to land it but he bailed out at the last second.

The Step Up Final also took a surprise turn.. two Gold Medals. Renner and Carmichael both cleared 34 feet, but missed their chances at 35 feet and went back and forth for another round until Carmichael was injured and wasn't cleared to continue.

Anyone else watch the X Games? I think I've missed maybe 3 over my lifetime. I try and watch it every chance I get.