[WwW] Batman vs. Green Goblin?

Who would win: Batman vs. Green Goblin?

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For those of you unfamiliar with these types of threads, [WwW] = Who would Win?

Also, generally these types of threads include either a good guy and a bad guy from comics, or two bad guys. Putting two good guys against each other will usually result in replies such as "They wouldn't fight each other in the first place".

So here goes. Who would win in a fight? Batman or Green Goblin?

Green Goblin became super strong and "super human", but other than that, his only advantage over Batman is his jet powered glider. Both of them have similar armor. Batman has metal bat "throwing stars", while Green Goblin has high tech grenades.

Batman also has the Batmobile. If you want to take the new movie version then he has the Tumbler. Once inside I doubt the Green Goblin could do much damage to him as well. However, Goblin could simply fly to avoid any damage the Tumbler could dish out.

So, it would have to come down to a man to man fight. In the end, as much as I am a Batman fan, I'd have to say that Green Goblin would win. It would be very close though.

Feel free to discuss. Also, if you don't follow comics enough to know about either of these two characters then please do not bother replying or voting. Thanks!


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I would say that Green Goblin would put up one hell of a fight..Better than most the Bat has come up against.

But the Bat would win Hands down.

His skills are way better and he does have his own version of the Glider. The bat has the experience and way better toys than G.G.
While the Goblin does have the extra boost of strength he does not have the cunning and the physical skills to beat the bat in hand to hand combat.

Just look what The Bat did to Bane, and he was huge and way stronger than G.G and the Bat took him down.

Now this is based on the Comic Book Batman..

Now if we are talking about the New Batman then it would be an even fight.
One worth watching. The New Batman is still learning and evolving into the Dark Knight.

But seeing as how I'm a Bat fan I would have to give it to the Bat..


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I think Batman's gadgets and tools would eventually outmatch and outlast those of Green Goblin's. Batman is a freakin' kung fu master. GG is brute strength. Stamina might be an issue though.

GG has of winning is if Batman gets hit by one of his grenades. If they were to play the cat and mouse game, Batman would outsmart GG.


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Green Goblin is kind of crazy and doesn't pay attention to very VERY important details such as 4 very sharp blades coming right at his legs that he aimed himself.

Batman is certainly better, and would definitely win.

how can you possibly beat the batmobile?


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I think it would be close but Batman would win. He's much smarter then the Green Goblin and that's why I chose him. It's a very good match up though.
Give Batman 30 minutes and he can beat anyone. Throw Batman in unprepared, and I give Green Goblin the edge.


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This is interesting because in a way I've always kind of thought of the green goblin as Spider-mans joker. Batman has experience with dealing with crazy people and he can certainly hold his own in a gadget war but I have a feeling this would boil down to hand to hand.... as these things often do for dramatic effect. :p
As much as I like Batman, his greatest weakness is the Goblins greatest strength; Bats doesn't have any super natural enhancements. a buttload of prowess and karate skills aren't much use when you've been sucker punched by someone who has an 800% increase in strength.


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I think Batman takes this fight. The Goblin might have those cool grenades and that glider but Batman has grappling hooks and ninja stars shaped like bats. I'm sure he could pull something out of his ass and just take him down with the "rope across the road" trick.