WWIII - Land, Sea, and Air


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World War III has just broken out, and your country of current residence is on the "good" side against some sort of vicious evil (aliens, another country, Hitler reborn --> Doesn't matter.)

For some reason, you have been chosen for conscription, however you get to pick:

Do you join the Army, Navy, or Airforce (assume each is fully equipped and functional), and why?


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I'd probably join the Air Force. They have a ton of high level computer jobs including stuff at NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) which would be pretty intense to work at.


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Army... I would enjoy being a ground pounder :) They have all kinds of cool guns, artillery and tanks. I love playing paintball. I would almost enjoy ground and urban combat.
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Air Force. I don't want to kill anything, so, I feel my best bet would be is to gather information and send it to other people... so they can kill the anything. =P

I would feel safe and comfortable in the Air Force. If need be, I'll fly one of those cool planes.


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I would probably be dead. If WWIII broke out it would be the Nuclear Holocaust of this planet.
Just to clarify --> It was just a fancy way of asking which one of the three you'd prefer, had you no other choice.

I'd pick air force. Ground war really sucks balls, and I imagine the Navy wouldn't be quite as interesting (ships are still wicked cool, though)


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Air Force.

I decided recently that a job in the Royal Air Force would be the best choice out of the three British Armed Forces for me. I believe that it has some of the more technical careers, probably drawing with the Navy. However, being at sea for long periods of time doesn't sit well with me, and as such, the Navy would be my second choice.

That being said, while I do realise that joining would require me to be trained as a soldier first, I would not like to be an actual infantryman, or pilot, or gunner. As such, I would most likely be an ICT Specialist, working with the radar, radio, and computer systems instead.