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WWE's Where Are They Now? - Vader


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
This was a really interesting read. I never got a chance to watch Vader for an extended period - it felt like I'd see him in WCW for a month and then he'd be gone, and maybe see a WWF match and then he'd be gone. I could just have limited exposure to him before he went to Japan, not sure. However, he's always been an interesting wrestling figure to me, a really intriguing and classic figure.

It's a good read, and at the end it shows that Vader is doing a lot of cool work and good for people; I'm happy to hear that, it sounds like he's been through a lot.

Make note that after clicking on the link, there are three parts (marked 1|2|3 at the bottom).

WWE: Homepage > Superstars > Where Are They Now? > Where Are They Now? Vader

Thoughts on the article, and on Vader in general?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I saw a lot of Vader in my life, one of the most gifted and strongest big men to ever wrestle. I remember when he used to do a back flip from the top ropes, I couldn't believe that someone is size could do that.

Unfortunately the WWF didn't give him a chance to shine, which was a big mistake on there part.

I can't go to the link you posted since it's blocked at work, but I'll give it a read later.

I've also recently seen his son in a few matches, he's not as gifted as his father, but he's pretty good.