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WWE's Titus O'Neil Reportedly Suspended "Upwards of 90 Days" for Crossing Vince McMahon


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What still really confuses the hell out of me is how one of their best public faces who does tons of charity is basically subject to Vinnie Mac's knee-jerk anger. I get it was a somber night but unless he actually grabbed Vince's arm and had some kind of angry stare-down, it must have been an error in judgment and goofing off at the wrong time. Right? Maybe we don't know everything involved.


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From what I understand (and which I think was touched upon by Justin LaBar on Chair Shot Reality earlier this week), it's basically that Titus wanted to be polite and harmlessly grabbed Vince by the arm so Stephanie McMahon would leave first. But since Vince & Steph were side-by-side, this might've been misconstrued.

Still, overall, I thought this has been poorly managed by WWE PR, at best. Titus O'Neil is the one guy besides John Cena, doing the most charity work for the company and bringing tons of positive attention from mainstream media to them. And you make him the fall guy above all the other stuff that many others have allegedly pulled? Now, I wouldn't go as far as to say that WWE management are racists 'cause if this was the case, how would you explain the massive exposure The New Day has had since for the past 15 months or so? I might be naive but I feel like perhaps the Daniel Bryan situation has taken an emotional & mental toll on everyone, Vince McMahon included and what was just a harmless gesture by Titus turned out to be very costly for him. Hell, Titus will probably miss WRESTLEMANIA over that!