WWE wrestlers currently better than anyone in TNA


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So I am just curious to know which WWE wrestlers do you believe are better in the ring than anyone in TNA?


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Well i guess the first thing to do is pick the best talent in each company.

If we're looking at veterans i'd say it'd probably be Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle, and as great as Chris Jericho is (and he's definitely better on the mic than Kurt Angle) i don't know if it gets any better than Angle. A lot of people consider him the greatest ever when it comes to wrestling skills and he hasn't lost a step in the past few years, he's still performing as good as he ever was. Seriously, i'm starting to think he actually is a machine of some kind! :p

As for the younger talent i'm not sure who the best would be in WWE, so many of them have failed to get a chance to show how good they actually are. People like Morrison and Ziggler are great wrestlers but i don't think they'd match up to wrestlers like Joe, Daniels or Shelley. So i guess it's up to CM Punk vs AJ Styles. Overall, as professional wrestlers, CM Punk would probably win it for me as i love his mic work and his overall character, but when it comes to in ring talent, AJ Styles wins it. He is the best young talent in the world at the moment and his recent heel turn has made his mic work seem so much better aswell.

So for me i don't think there's anyone in WWE that i'd consider better than anyone in the TNA locker room when it comes to in ring talent.


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If Kurt Angle wasn't in TNA I'd say there would be a lot of guys better then anybody on the TNA roster.

guys like Edge, Jericho and Punk are just awesome on the whole and I prefer them so I might take them


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No one really...probably CM Punk is the only guy I could even consider to go up against AJ Styles, but AJ's in ring ability is second to none, to good for him in my opinion.

Morrison is good as well, but yeah comparing him to the likes of Daniels, Joe, he's not as good.

So on that note, no one in the WWE is better than anyone in TNA imo.