WWE Wrestler of the year, 2008

Who was wrestler of the year in 2008?

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Here's the biggest award of the year that will be given out...the wrestler of the year in 2008. Here are the choices with records:

Edge: Has an in-ring record of 18-12-3. 5 of those wins were on PPV, 9 on SD!, 3 on RAW and one on Saturday Night's Main Event. He defended a title successfully on three occasions. In 2008 Edge won both the World Title and the WWE title. He beat the Undertaker for the vacated title at One Night Stand and then beat HHH and Jeff Hardy at the Survivor Series. He has been the face of the Smackdown brand the entire year because of his kayfabe relationship with General Manager Vicki Guerrero. The storyline has been the focal point of Edge's 2008 and once again, like last year, has been one of the best performers in the WWE.

Batista: Has an in-ring record of 35-18-6. 6 of those wins happened on PPV, 14 on RAW, 14 on Smackdown and one win on Tribute of the Troops. He won the World Heavyweight title from Chris Jericho at Cyber Sunday and also was one half of the World Tag Team Champions with John Cena after they beat Priceless. Batista started the year off on Smackdown but was drafted to RAW in June. Since then he has been in high profile feuds with Chris Jericho, John Cena and Randy Orton. Batista found himself in the limelight all of 2008 and proved himself as one of the biggest names in the company.

CM Punk: He currently has an astounding record of 47-30-3. He got three wins on PPV, 17 on RAW, 8 on SD!, 18 on ECW, & one at the Tribute to the Troops show. He had 4 successful title defenses this year. Punk won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WM24, won the World Heavyweight title from Edge on RAW, and also was one half of the World Tag Champs with Kofi Kingston. He is currently the #1 contender for the Intercontinental title. It has been quite the year for CM Punk as he's accomplished a lot more then most people thought that he would. He was the face of the new ECW and has done excellent on RAW as well. This is the kinda guy who tries as hard as anybody in the company and his efforts were rewarded this year. It'll be hard for him to top this next year but never say never.

The Undertaker: He currently has a record of 21-6-8. He won 7 matches on PPV, 11 on SD!, 2 on RAW, and 1 on ECW. He also had 2 successful title defenses in 2008. The Undertaker won the World title from Edge at Wrestlemania 24 to continue his undefeated streak and he also won the Elimination Chamber at No Way Out. His feud with Edge was the highlight of his year but he also had a good little feud with the Big Show. Undertaker was his always dominate self and is a good phenom in this "sport." He still seems to have a good match with anyone and even though he missed time through the summer he still had a great year.

Chris Jericho: Currently has a record of 25-21-2. He won 3 times on PPV, 21 times on RAW and 1 time on SD!. He successfully defended a title on 5 occasions. This year Chris Jericho beat Jeff Hardy for the IC title and won the World Heavyweight title two times. Beating Batista in a cage match on RAW and also winning the scramble match at Unforgiven. Chris Jericho really came into his own in 2008 like I've never seen before. He was an okay face when he came back but once he started his feud with HBK he really hit his stride. He was easily one of the best promo guys this year and his feud with HBK was as real as a feud can possibly get. Maybe the best year of his career.

Triple H: Trips has a record of 30-13-7. He won 10 times on PPV, 9 times on SD! and 11 times on RAW. He won the RAW Elimination Chamber at No Way Out and also won the WWE Title from Randy Orton. HHH had 10 successful title defenses in 2008. Another great year for HHH. He was drafted to Smackdown from RAW in June to the great shock of most people. He has also surprisingly remained a face the entire year and has done a solid job. His promos are just okay but he's still a great worker. HHH didnt have his best year ever but he's definitely worth mentioning.

John Cena: He has a record of 26-13-2. He won 6 times on PPV, 19 times on RAw and 1 time at the Tribute to the Troops show. He won the 2008 Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant, won the World Tag Titles with Batista, and won the World Heavyweight title from Chris Jericho. He has had 1 successful title defense. Cena started off 2008 by coming back months before most people thought that he would and won the Rumble match. Even though he didnt win at Wrestlemania and he hurt his neck in the summer he still had a successful year. This wasnt John best year but coming off a ridiculous 2007 it was tough for him to duplicate.

Jeff Hardy: Currently has a record of 29-20-4. He won 3 times on PPV, 15 times on SD!, 9 times on RAW, 1 time on ECW and one time on Tribute to the Troops. He won the WWE Title from Edge in a triple threat match at Armageddon. Jeff was suspended right before Wrestlemania but has been clean ever since. He started the year as IC champ on RAw but moved to Smackdown in the draft. Jeff finally won the wwe title this year and is one of the more popular superstars in the company. He style isnt loved by alot of online wrestling fans but there's no mistaking his popularlity and desire to succeed.

So who ya got? Who was the wrestler of the year in 2008?


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This was pretty tough, it's between two wrestlers, Chris Jericho or Edge. But I have to go with Edge, just because no matter what he does, he's impressive. Edge is the best heel in the business and he's also the best wrestler. I didn't like his gimmick with Vicky, but that's not his fault. When he stepped into the ring he did what he does best and that's put on a great show.

I wasn't impress with Jericho came back, he wasn't that good. But then the WWE decided to make him a heel, and that was the best thing for him, he was great. He knew how to get the crowds reaction, and his feud with Shawn Michaels was great.

But when I compare both wrestlers Edge gets the edge(no pun intended)


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Edge: Great Talent and always amazing to watch in the Ring. Best WWE Heel

Bastista: Pathetic Wrestler. Needs to be Sacked ASAP

Punk: Done so much this year. Personal Bias wants me to say him

Taker: Meh. Strong start to the year died down a bit

Jericho: Huge year. Looks the best he has in a long long time

HHH: Very solid year. Not enough to win itg though

Cena: Meh. Another Average year

Hardy: Solid year but the suspension takes away the award IMO

Ive got to give this one to Punk


Sultan of Swat
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I was really impress with CM Punk, especially after he joined Raw. I was surprise that he won the Money in Bank, then went on to win the Title. I think he's a tremoundous wrestler and the WWE can wonders for him if they book him well.

But I think I would rate him third for the year in this list, I just believe that Edge and Jericho had better overall years. Especially both being heels. Edge was defenitely the best superstar on Smackdown and Jericho being the best on Raw.


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Chris Jericho and Edge had 2 great years, give it up for them Canadians, they outsold the American game. I agree that Edge has some spoken talent although I always preffered watching Jericho's gimmicks, promos, and above all; ringside talent in 2008.


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I think I was a little premature with my Jericho pick...I'd like to pick Edge now but its too late. I was just thinking Jericho was awesome but he wasnt awesome the entire year. Edge is the biggest star in the WWE IMO.

You could go either way though
I voted Edge despite the Vickie gimmick he was and is currently in. For the most part he has had a great year and I consider him the best wrestler in WWE to date. Very deserving of this award.


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Jericho would be my personal choice, as i always enjoy seeing him, but as a performer i'd have to say Edge. I HATE the thing he has with Vicki and it makes me hate any storyline he's in, but that's the writer's fault, not his. He's been solid on the ring and in the mic and carried every storyline as best he can so i'll go with Edge.

Orton probably would have got it if it wasn't for his broken Collarbone, he's in his prime at the moment.