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WWE vs. TNA vs. Indy


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No one can deny WWE is the mecca and the goal of all Indy wrestlers. There are smaller companies such as TNA, ROH, New Japan for WWE dropouts or up and comers, but it is not where you want to be... unless you are a huge free agent signing (Kurt Angle). Sure, WWE has its own developmental program, but aren't all these companies WWE developmental programs.?

Maybe that is exactly what WWE wants me to think, and you think differently. Do you really think a TNA or ROH can one day overtake WWE? Even though we are in a downturn for storytelling, there is so much more potential for talent to have fresh, new feuds between shows. With the newer PG youth movement WWE is in, now more than ever is a great opportunity for young stars to elevate to the next level. TNA seems to be set on old names carrying the show, while sprinkling in lesser known talent. In essence, it could be a good idea but Sting, Hogan, Bischoff, Steiner, and Flair should not be so involved. Jeff Jarrett is even pushing it. Veterans like Angle, Anderson, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy should be helping elevate younger talent like Roode, Gunner, Daniels, etc. but it seems like everything is being drowned out by the old big names.

If you feel smaller, Indy wrestling is better.. tell me why. I understand young up and comers need the experience and aren't calling it in like some of the veterans do, but I need more. The experience as a fan is great, but I think you would trade it in in a second to see a WWE show with just a couple hundred fans.. Let me know what you think..


Haters gonna hate.
Great topic, and it is good to see a good first topic from you! I hope to see you around more!

Personally, I am a WWE fan first. I grew up on WWE, first watched wrestling on WWE, and grew up idolizing some WWE Superstars. I always like the big, over-the-top spectacle of a WWE live event or Raw/SD taping. I have been to three house shows over the years and two tapings, and I have loved every bit. Something about the company still seems magical, but while the storytelling is very much diminishing in consistent quality, I have full faith that they will rebound is some shape or form very soon.

I am an Indy fan second. Nothing is out of bounds to me. I'll admit it. I watch ROH online, I am current with New Japan, CZW, OVW, and my own local promotion Chikara. I love some of the wrestlers in these promotions. Guys like Nick Dinsmore at OVW (formally Eugene), Adam Cole at CZW and more. I think that many of these guys are just content to be at the level where they are at. Yes, the WWE is the ultimate goal, but for some, and I know a few personally, they don't care what size the crowd is, they will perform because they get the rush of competition.
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