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WWE to be investigated for worker policy


Lion Rampant
Well, this is interesting. The independent contractor model has been controversial for many years, as I'm sure you're all aware. Now, it may be hitting the fan.

rajah.com said:
The Connecticut Post is reporting WWE is being audited by officials from the state of Connecticut for classifying its wrestlers
and other staff production talent as independent contractors.

WWE spokesman Robert Zimmerman blamed the increased scrutiny on Linda McMahon's run for United States Senate in an email to the publication, stating:

"Up until this election, WWE has not been fined nor investigated in the past for independent contractor classification. However, curiously the state of Connecticut is currently conducting an audit of WWE's classification of independent contractors. WWE constantly reviews its internal practices and procedures to comply with ever-changing employee laws."

Several years ago, former WWE wrestlers Mike Sanders, Raven and the now deceased Kanyon filed a lawsuit against WWE arguing their independent contractor classification from their WWE contracts. The lawsuit was dismissed.
I hope the state prevails in this. If nothing else, maybe a new law will be enacted giving the workers full employee rights.


Where is my Queen?
That's pretty interesting, I don't think that the state is going to win the case due to independent contractors have to comepensate for their own health insurance. But I am with you Tucker, I hope the state somehow wins, but if they win not only should it apply to the WWE, but it should be applied towards all independent contractors.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I think this whole thing is a long time coming...it would be excellent for the wrestlers but I don't really see it getting passed but I hope I'm wrong.

I mean, if the WWE is going to fork out money for rehab then what's wrong with health benefits too?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'd love to see this, like everyone else; the wrestlers have such an physically, mentally, and time intensive profession. They deserve at least normal treatment, lol.


Son of Liberty
To me its a Sport wrapped in a Drama.

Both Athletes and Actors have their respective Associations or Unions... and it kinda blows my mind that the Wrestlers dont have a "Pro Wrestlers Association" that provides these kinda benefits that both Athletes and Actors have.

As its been said, long time coming.