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WWE; the only game in town?


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I recently listened to Steve Austin's Podcast that had Vince Russo on. Part of the interview mention that WWE was the only game in town. I know that WWE is the biggest but to me this statement is short sighted and ignorant.

Lets stay in the US for a second, what other promotions are there? Well we have Ring of Honour, Evolve and Dragon Gate just to name a few. Going away here in the UK we have This Is Progress, ICW & Preston City wrestling. In Japan they have New Japan Pro Wrestling and NOAH. To say that WWE is the only game seems daft to me. If we want proof of that look at the CwC where WWE are taking wrestlers on from other promotions and even mentioning where they are from.

Is WWE the biggest? Yes. Do they have the largest market? Most likely. Is Progress or ICW's On Demand service ever going to challenge the WWE Network? I doubt it very much but I do wonder if Vince still has blinders on and honestly believes that Wrestling starts and stops in Stamford.

I also wonder if they are only doing the brand split again to make themselves have competition but not acknowledge other promotions? ICW refer to Progress and vice versa. ROH to my knowledge references NJPW and IF GFW truly takes off that could make a large mark. Lucha Underground will never be the biggest but from all accounts it is a great product.

But what do you think? Am I wrong? Is Austin right?

Are the smaller promotions no competition for WWE because I have to say Vince NO! We are switched on, we have have the internet, it is not a case that these days we have nowhere else to go but now we do. Back in 2003 we didn't, fair play but its not 2003 anymore Vince and we have choices and from what I have seen, people are making them.


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There wouldn't be any Cruiserweight Classic or partnership with EVOLVE if there wasn't an opening of the minds within WWE. I think that Triple H has opened Vince's eyes on many levels and he's slowly preparing the ground for the future. Hell, they wouldn't have even considered hiring Mauro Ranallo if they weren't ready to acknowledge competition. It seems that they won't only mention TNA, which is fair game.

Maybe that Austin's wording was wrong but I understand what he meant. But that's the old school mentality kicking in. The guys who wanna be successful and make money will only have the goal of reaching WWE in mind. Others who are just doing it for the love of the sport will go elsewhere. But I think that New Japan is now a more than viable alternative to WWE. Especially if you wanna hone your craft and learn from the best, New Japan is the place to be. WWE is the biggest game in town but it's not the only one in town.
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