WWE Television Network in the works


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(Credit to PWTorch.com for transcribing these quotes)

I dont know what all this would pertain but I like the idea on paper!

During this morning's investor conference call, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon says he is planning to launch WWE's upcoming television network by next summer. He said WWE is already working on the project:

"Right now, we're continuing along the lines of a formula in which we will soon be presenting and taking the next steps. We think there is tremendous opportunity," he said. "If things happen as we hope, it will be a really big game-changer. There is huge opportunity as it relates to domestically and internationally. We are pursuing that and taking the next steps."

McMahon does not think WWE's current television partners will mind WWE promoting their own network during current WWE programming and compared their strategy to how the NFL promotes their own NFL network during NFL games on CBS, ESPN, etc. He also said WWE plans to keep RAW on the USA Network for many years to come, while SmackDown's future is less certain.

"The strategy will be maintaining the broadcasts, therefore, keeping Raw on USA Net for many years to come and find a really strong home, whether it be MyNet or someone else, for Smackdown," he said. "We don't see any interruption for Raw or Smackdown. The new network could tie-in to Raw and Smackdown and enhance the two brands."
This sounds like it could be a really entertaining idea. I really enjoy the NHL network and the NFL network and think they add a lot to the sport, a place to get caught up on everything going on in the sport and to watch classic moments from the past. And if you're really obsessed, it is a way to watch that sport 24/7. Ha. I hope that is how this network would work.

I'd like to see a news program, similar to Total Access, along with a show that replays some of the classic matches along with maybe the two best matches of the previous Raw/Smackdown.