WWE Tag Team Division


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I just realised that the WWE Tag Team division is pretty much... Non existant! With Miz & Morrison spitting up after the draft, The Colons splitting up the last week and Edge & Jericho unable to compete because of Edge's injury... There's only THREE tag teams left in the whole of the WWE.

RAW: Legacy
Smackdown: Cryme Tyme & The Hart Dynasty
ECW: Nobody

That's pretty ridiculous. Three tag teams in the whole company. WWE really doesn't give a damn bout the tag team division at the moment. Plus, if they go ahead with plans to turn DiBiase face, there's no way they can split up Legacy, then there'll only be two tag teams left!

Some new teams are definitely going to have to be made either way though, so i was wondering who would you like to see paired up together?

I heard that at one point creative were thinking of putting Dolph Ziggler in as Edge's replacement with Jericho but i think they've decided not to go in that direction now. Personally i'd love to see Ziggler & Jericho together. I think they could work brilliantly together and i see Jericho as the perfect mentor for Ziggler.


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I agree the Tag Division is the weakest it has ever been. I think they fucked up by splitting Carly and Eddie Colon up because they worked really well together and a feud against Rhodes and Dibiase would pick things up big time. I just wish the division would get back to the way it was between 1987 to 1990 when you had teams like Demolition, The Powers of Pain, The Hart Foundation, The Killer Bees, the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, The Dream Team, The Bolsheviks, Strike Force just to name a few.
I wanna see a John Morrison and Ziggler tag team (heel) where they both try to compete to see who is the better wrestler between the two of um. Sort of like how Matt Hardy and MVP played out.

Yeah, the tag teams need some SERIOUS work done. Heck, even the cruiser weights need work done considering they are basically non-existent now. Put The Brain Kendrick in a tag with somebody, Jesse in a tag with somebody, Kung Fu Naki, R-Truth, Shelton, Yoshi and basically any mid-carder not getting enough time just stick them in a tag team with somebody and see how well it goes.

Do they cut tag teams since they have to pay more for the same amount of time? What I mean is that while you have four wrestlers going at (2v2) it instead of two (1v1) that means more money is needed to pay for the superstars. Do they just cut them since it cost too much?


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No it's nothing to do with money it's purely.... Lack of interest in the Tag Team division!

I don't think Morrison going heel is possible. He's just started a face turn, and pretty successfully. Maybe getting a shot at the title after Hardy v Punk. As for Brian Kendrick, i forgot they had that whole thing about him looking for the 'perfect partner'. They seem to have dropped that.

I agree Anthony, the great thing about those tag teams were they had a connection. I always like tag teams where it seems there's a reason they're together, much prefer it to when they just stick two superstars together like CM Punk & Kofi Kingston before, or Edge & Jericho more recently.


The tag team division has been pretty lacking for a few years now, but 3 teams is ridiculous. Why split up the Colons? Miz and Morrison I'm not too bothered about because they seem to be getting pushes as singles competitiors.

I don't care much for Ziggler tbh, I'd sooner see a Jericho/Christian team at the moment, then when Edge returns it leaves an opening for Edge and Christian to reunite. I think WWE dropped the ball by not doing that with Christians return.


I am the woolrus
I'm a huge fan of Ziggler. He's one of the best things in the WWE at the moment in my opinion. I've loved him since his debut as Dolph Ziggler against Batista last year though.

I think JR called it nicely on last night's Smackdown when he said Ziggler was "a mix between Mr. Perfect and Ravishing Rick Rude".
I like Dolph, too. He doesn't seem like your typical heel where he's either a coward or mean all the time. While he did cheated against Morrison this past show, something about him I just like - especially since he came out of the closet with Maria. What was THAT about? Haha


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First off, Ziggler is awesome. Second, tag team wrestling blows donkey balls in the WWE...and it really pisses me off. I dont get why the Colons had to split up so fast...stupid.

Anyways, here are a couple tag team ideas for me...I'll list them with the current tag teams.

Legacy (DiBiase and Rhodes)

Cryme Tyme

The Hart Dynasty (Smith and Kidd)

Charlie Haas and Mike Knox (this was rumored...why not do it?)

The Colons (Put them back together damn it)

Jimmy Wang Yang & Kung Fu Naki (Both are doing nothing...WWE needs a jobber tag team)

The Brian Kendrick & Joe Hennig (There's your perfect tag team partner)

That's 7 teams...that seems to be enough IMO.


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My fondest memories come from E&C. Oh how I loved their backstage skits and their tag team matches. Back then the tag team division was so awesome, they put them in crazy match types and it entirely worked. Where have the tag team moves gone? God I hate how they treat tag teams and the tag team titles.

They need a new pair, like E&C to hold the belts and give them a little prestige.