WWE signs Low-Ki


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In all honesty I haven't seen much of Low-Ki or Senshi or whatever he wants to be called. ROH buffs seem to have a boner for him though.

Low Ki has signed with World Wrestling Entertainment. As Michael reported earlier here at Rajah.com, he made his debut with Florida Championship Wrestling at last night's televison taping in Tampa, Florida in a match against Trent Baretta.

Low Ki worked a tryout match prior to the November 4, 2008 ECW/SmackDown taping against Primo Colon in Orlando, Florida. His official website has also confirmed the signing as they released a statement earlier this morning.

Low Ki was the first ever Ring Of Honor World Champion and went on to have success in TNA Wrestling under the ring name Senshi. He has been working in Japan as he was part of New Japan Pro Wreslting's Wrestle Kingdom III show on January 4th as he lost the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship to Tiger Mask IV. Wrestle Kingdom III was an inter-promotional show with TNA Wrestling.


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Never heard of him, but like you said he seems to be loved by Ring of Honor. Maybe Atreyu will be able to tell us more about him when he comes back.

I haven't really heard of him nor have I seen him preform. From his reputation it looks like he'll contribute a lot to WWE.


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He's good, no worries.

He's a high-flyer, has some great moves that most in the WWE wouldn't dare try.. unless you're a Hardy.
Do you pronounce his name "Low-Key" or "Low-Kai"?

Telling from his past it seems he would be a good mid-carder for the WWE. I've never seen him preform, though, so I guess I gotta wait until he debuts. :D


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A great performer if used properly, WWE had Low-Ki years back in a developmental deal working dark matches and an occasional Velocity match but they never even attempted to build him up. He's had great runs in ROH and TNA, he's one of the guys who "defined" the X-Division. I can see him being used in a rivalry with a guy like Evan Bourne and having some great high flying matches.