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WWE Roster vs TNA Roster


I am the woolrus
Alright, this just started out as a question but it turned out into a little game for me. Play it aswell if you want to! Or just go with a gut decision :D Anyway, it's been said by a lot of people for the best few years that TNA has the best roster out of any promotion, but in recent times they've lost a few stars and WWE has gained a few great talents, and right now it seems like an even enough playing field. So basic question: Which promotion has the better roster?

So here comes the game part. I didn't plan to put so much work into this but well... i'm procrastinating from study! :p So i took my top 10 favourite WWE guys and my top 10 TNA guys (all just my personal favourites and not really in any particular order) and then used a random number generator from here to pair them off in "matches" against eachother. So here are my top guys:

1. Kurt Angle
2. AJ Styles
3. Samoa Joe
4. Alex Shelley
5. Chris Sabin
6. Kazarian
7. Mr. Anderson
8. Desmond Wolfe
9. Christopher Daniels
10. D'Angelo Dinero

1. CM Punk
2. Randy Orton
3. Sheamus
4. Wade Barrett
5. Alberto Del Rio
6. Sin Cara
7. Daniel Bryan
8. Dolph Ziggler
9. Cody Rhodes
10. Evan Bourne

So here (using the formula i got from the random number place, which i guess you could use aswell if you play!) are my matches & results:
2 vs 6 A.J. Styles vs Sin Cara
Definitely AJ Styles for this one. He IS phenomenal! :D 1-0 to TNA.

10 vs 9 D'Angelo Dinero vs Cody Rhodes
I've loved Cody since his "daaashing" gimmick and he's been developing fantastically with his new persona. Definitely a future world champ in the making. Tied at 1-1

1 vs 10 Kurt Angle vs Evan Bourne
Ahh poor Evan Bourne.... Who's gonna beat Kurt? :p 2-1 to TNA

3 vs 5 Samoa Joe vs Alberto Del Rio
Wow, really tough one.... Both fantastic competitors, but i think the way Samoa Joe has been misused has really hurt him in this one. It might not be his fault that he hasn't had a good match in god knows how long but.... well, he hasn't! Del Rio meanwhile is awesome and he gets to showcase it constantly Tied at 2-2

7 vs 2 Mr. Anderson vs Randy Orton
Haha, typical that these two came up against eachother! :p Well, sorry Ken but Orton takes this one hands down. Amazing competitor in ring and on the mic 3-2 to WWE

8 vs 1 Desmond Wolfe vs CM Punk
Wow, another very very tough one!! Both are great in every respect. In ring, Desmond Wolfe takes it. On the mic, CM Punk takes it. Overall.... gotta go with CM Punk, but not by a huge amount at all! 4-2 to WWE

5 vs 7 Chris Sabin vs Daniel Bryan
Chris Sabin is one of my favourite high flyers in the world, and he's probably better on the mic than Daniel Bryan but.... The mile long list of absolutely phenomenal matches Bryan Danielson has been in has to be a facto, and a big enough factor to just about win this one! 5-2 to WWE

9 vs 3 Christopher Daniels vs Sheamus
Very close one here! I really love Sheamus, and not just for Irish bias! But the Fallen Angel has had an amazing career and still has so much to give. He just about takes this one 5-3 to WWE

4 vs 8 Alex Shelley vs Dolph Ziggler
I love Dolph but, Alex Shelley isn't just in the best tag team in the world, he's had the ability for years necessary to become World Champ in any promotion. One of the best in the world. 5-4 to WWE

6 vs 4 Kazarian vs Wade Barrett
Damn..... typical that it'd finish up with the toughest one yet. Both great talents, very different... Kazarian probably more entertaining in the ring but they're almost incomparable in terms of in ring ability... Barrett wins on mic skills though, and i think it's enough to just pip Kazarian to the post. 6-4 to WWE
Well!! It was DAMN close but seems WWE have just about won it, 6-4! I never would have been saying this time last year that WWE had the better roster but... They've really upped their game it seems! So whether you guys choose to play the game or not, who do you think has the better roster right now??


Haters gonna hate.
I have given up all hope of comparing the two rosters. They all have their pluses, and all have minuses as well. There is no way to compare the two, actually. They are two different promotions with two different mindsets regarding booking.

Personally, I think that TNA's roster is fuller and heavy with potential, while WWE's has some lackluster stars that don't stack up, talent-wise.