WWE releases 8: Venis, Thorn, etc


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Black Friday 2009 casualties so far

D'Lo Brown
Bam Neely
Val Venis
Kevin Thorn

Keenan Quinn
Mike Posey
Jimmy Korderas
Tim White
Make that 9...Gavin Spears was also released.
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Wasn't Kevin Thorn already released a few months back? *confused*

D'Lo Brown is the biggest surprise to me. Didn't they just hire him a few months back, and... ugh... something became of him.

Strange list, but other than D'Lo nobody is really THAT big of a surprise.


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I knew some wrestlers going to be released soon, especially that the WWE came out and said they would cut 10% of their employees. With that being said, no one is a real big lost. I won't miss any of those wrestlers.


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Thorn's callup was cancelled but he himself wasn't released. Second time he's been released now.

Bam Neely sucked...no loss there

D'Lo Brown...he was just enhancement talent anyways...no loss there

Val Venis...ugh, annoying but they werent using him anyways. That man has a ton of talent, whatever.

Apparently Jim Korderas had been with the company since 1987...so thats shocking


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It's amazing enough that Val Venis heald onto a job with the E for ten years, what's he done for them since 2000?


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Val Venis - WWE just didn't know what to do with this guy, he was very talented and a great attribute to have if used properly.

D'Lo - I feel for the guy, he left TNA to go to the WWE just to get canned.

Bam Neely - Just simply sucks a**