WWE Rank top 25 submissions


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WWE: Inside WWE > Top 25 > Top 25 Submission Maneuvers

I'm not surprised that the Crossface isn't on the list. I do believe it's one of the most devasting submissions out there. Glad that the Sharp Shooter was number one, I really like the Dragon Sleeper as well.

The Lion Tamer belongs on that list, not Walls of Jericho.


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Well, its a shame that the Crippler Crossface isn't on the list (but I guess that's understandable), I would probably rank it the top 5. I'm surprised they didn't list the Inverted Indian Deathlock either. I've seen Triple H use it several times and it looks like it really hurts.


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I'm happy that the Sleeper Hold is on the list. Brock Lock? Haven't seen that in a while. Million Dollar Dream and the Ankle Lock deserve their high rankings.


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Awesome to see moves like the Gory Special and Anaconda Vise making the list. I wish the Crossface had been there...even if they didn't want to associate Benoit, they could have shown someone else applying it. Was an insane submission in its day!


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Texas Cloverleaf #18! That's all that mattered to me, haha. Really excited that's on there.

I also love the Chickenwing...Backlund was a master of it.