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Poll WWE Most Improved, 2011

Who was the most improved?

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Better Call Saul
Staff member
Previous winners...

2008: The Miz
2009: Cody Rhodes
2010: Sheamus

Here are your choices for the most improved superstar in the WWE for 2011...

(1) Mark Henry. Mark has worked his entire career to become World Champion and finally in 2011 he did so and it lasted a pretty good amount of time as well. If not for an apparent groin injury he may still be the champion right now. His in ring work wasn't the best but it was serviceable. His promo work and his Hall of Pain idea went over pretty well actually and I thought he improved a ton in that area. I was genuinely happy for Mark.

(2) Zack Ryder: If someone told me at the end of 2011 that Ryder would be main eventing on RAW and SD and be the US Champion I woulda told you that you were insane. This guy couldn't even get on TV for the longest time. Sure its possible Punk had some pull getting him on television but I truly believe the majority of the credit is Zack's himself. His online show was his own creation and everything he's gotten he's deserved. He's a life long WWE fan and a true wrestling fan. He's so over it's insane. Good for him.

(3) R-Truth: The heel turn for Ron Killings did wonders for his career. As a face rapper he just wasn't going to go anywhere. Since he went heel and got his "little jimmy" gimmick he's main evented against John Cena for the WWE title and also was in the main event at Survivor Series against The Rock and Cena. Even as a face again I think he's going to do awesome. His in ring work is about the same but his mic work is tremendous. Never saw this one coming.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Most Improved: Zach Ryder. He’s gone from a guy who was probably really close to being future endeavored to a bonafide middle card star.

Mark Henry and R-Truth tied second in my opinion. Both really improved their character this year and were rewarded for it.


I am the woolrus
Definitely R-Truth for me. He was probably the wrestler i cared least about in 2010 but now he's one of my favourites. He works his gimmick fantastically, cuts promos as good as anyone and can have decent matches too.

If i was picking from all of wrestling:
Johnny Gargano. He's really come into his own this year. He's been brilliant with F.I.S.T. (the BEST heel faction in wrestling today) but also has had a ridiculously amazing year in DGUSA. He had some brilliant matches with Austin Aries, Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk and of course his huge win over YAMATO to win the Open The Freedom Gate title. This has been by far the biggest year of his career, and i expect big things from Gargano in 2012


Haters gonna hate.

I didn't give two sh**s about him as a face and I hated his face character, but when he jumped the shark to become a heel, I loved it. It also seemed as if his heel persona lead to better matches and better promos than he had ever done before in his career, either in TNA or in WWE.

Yes, the suspension didn't help him, but now that he has adapted his crazy "Little Jimmy" gimmick to being a babyface/tweener, the sky is the limit for him. I see him either in a MitB type match next year at WM or a singles grudge match.


I ♥ Haters
I voted for R-Truth.

Let’s face it, his gimmick as a rapper, got him nowhere as a face. He had the personality of an old shoe, and his singing made me wanna jam an ice-pick in my ears. Basically the guy was stuck with a boxed gimmick that was taking him nowhere. However, with his heel turn, he been more interesting than he’s ever been in his career. He’s more creative and flexible with his promos, he’s main-evented 2 PPV this year and he’s been a main-event fixture on RAW too as opposed to being stuck in mid-card purgatory. 2011 was R-Truth’s “break out” year.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
This one was tough for me...it came down to Ryder and Truth...

Ryder went from a nobody who was due to be fired to one of the more popular wrestlers in the company.

Truth went from a boring face but a borderline main eventer.

I did end up voting for R-Truth though. I think Ryder was this good the entire year but never got a chance to be noticed. I think there's more for him to do. Truth, on the other hand, has gone to that next level where his gimmick can get over as a heel or a face and he's had feuds with Cena. He cracks me up and I never enjoyed him at all before this change.


Where is my Queen?
I went with Ryder, it was a toss up between Henry/Ryder, but like Ruth said, he was close to being released, but he got his name out there and is the 'real' pioneer to this internet trend angle that WWE is going on. I grew to like Henry this year and it is too bad that the WWE never really gave him a chance, he is a great big rassler and when he is in the ring, I flashback to the 80's because his matches are a mix of slow paced action and fast paced, which is awesome in my eyes.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Truth got my vote. He went from being this dancing kid act to being a crazy heel gunning for the WWE Title, with a character more unique and fun than I thought Ron Killings was ever capable of. He did a great job, and now he's successfully transferring that crazy heel into a crazy face. Love it, and while Ryder is a self-made US Champ I think that Truth had the more meteoric rise and has long-term sustainability.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Poll closed and the winner for most improved wrestler in the WWE for the 2011 is....


This is Truth's second award he's won this year and this win is for most improved. He went from a floundering mid carder who just danced around like an idiot to someone who feuded with John Cena for the WWE title and found a gimmick that people actually liked. Was a good year for Ron Killings.