WWE Interested In Signing Monty Brown

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Omega, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Omega

    Omega Ω

    It is considered to a better than 50% chance that former TNA headliner Monty Brown will be signing with World Wrestling Entertainment within the next few weeks. The ball seems to be in his court because its up to him if he will take WWE's offer. The only potential hold-up is said to be if he asks for something out of the ordinary when it comes to the road schedule or money.

    Brown was never willing to work indies regularly while in TNA due to his job as a fitness trainer. This would become an issue because of the feeling that he wasn't improving in the ring to where he could be the company's top star. In late 2005, there were plans for Brown to beat Jarrett for the title and for the company to be built around him, but the feeling was that he hadn't picked up his game. Furthermore, Samoa Joe got over big and Christian signed with TNA - which changed plans and threw things out the window for him. Brown ended up unhappy and it ultimately lead to him leaving the promotion.

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    He reminds me of Lashley a very strong person who has lots of potential, but is not a great wrestler, and sucks on the Microphone, I am almost positive that he will be signing with the WWE because he was at a taping. I see him on Smackdown, and make a rivalary with Lashley.
  3. Omega

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    Umm.. Vince you could not be more wrong. Lashley is bad on the mic yes. He is a great wrestler though (Well for wwe). where as Brown is a formor football player and good on the mic but not so perfect in the ring. Brown is a much better over all then lashley and has alot more potenial then him.
  4. TDG1987

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    I haven't seen a lot of TNA, but from what I've seen, Monty Brown looks like someone who has a ton of charisma and who the fans can get behind. Lashley is a decent wrestler but his personality is too vanilla(chocolate?). Brown doesn't need to be a great wrestler, just competent.
  5. andrew_bishop

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    Monty Brown works for ECW now. It's a welcome change in one way because I don't like TNA at all but I would rather see him in RAW or Smackdown.
  6. Omega

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    Note: They are building up Brown as the next Ecw champ. Also his real name is Monty Brown and they have re named him Marcus Cor Von. This is the last I have heard. I do not watch ECW because it is not the ECW I use to watch so I have little to no interest in it.
  7. andrew_bishop

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    I think there are too many guys on RAW and Smackdown that go to ECW that should not. Khail , Snitzky , Big Show and more. RVD yes should have because he is an orginal. But I can't see the point in bringing back ECW. The whole point in the first place was to have a no rules show where there was real fan participation and where people liked seeing a lot of different things. Today people can get DQ'd and counted out which is almost the opposite of what ECW stood for.

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