WWE Feud of the Year, 2008

Which was the best feud in 2008?

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This year we have listed two feuds that stood out better then every other. Orton vs HHH was good but not good enough, HHH vs Hardy was good but just okay, and there were a few others. None of them were as good as the following choices:

Edge versus the Undertaker:

What can ya say about these two guys other then that they are just perfect working together. The storyline was simple, the interaction was simple and the execution was outstanding. Obviously Undertaker is one of the greatest superstars of all time but he made Edge look even better. Edge has gotten a point where he's as big a superstar as anybody else going. This feud enhanced that. Their whole ordeal actually started in 2007. When Edge screwed Taker outta the title against Batista the seeds had been planted. Edge went on to beat Mysterio at Rumble and NWO but when Taker won the Elimination Chamber the stage was set for Wrestlemania 24. Undertaker went on to win the belt that night and then defended it successfully at Backlash against Edge. The story progressed in which GM Vicki Guerrero stripped Undertaker of the belt for using an "illegal choke hold." It remained vacant after Judgment since Undertaker won via count out. It was at One Night Stand that Edge won the World title and "banished" Undertaker from the WWE. He was later brought back by a vindictive Guerrero and Undertaker beat Edge in Hell in a Cell at Summerslam. This ended a 6 month or so long feud that was beginning to end was excellent.

Shawn Michaels versus Chris Jericho:

Batista should get some credit for the eventual heel turn of Chris Jericho. The whole story with HBK and Flair's retirement lead to Jericho becoming jealous of Michaels and wondering why the fans cheered him no matter what. Jericho ended up smashing Michaels' face into the Jeritron 5000 and the heel turn was complete. Jericho would go on to call out Michaels whenever he could and cut heel promo after heel promo on Michaels. Jericho would, in reality, just tell the truth and get boo'ed for his efforts while Michaels was continously cheered throughout. They would go on to wrestle at Judgment Day in which HBK beat Jericho but this was before the heel turn. Michaels would end up losing to Batista at ONS and Jericho lost the IC title to Kingston because of HBK at Night of Champions. At the Great American Bash Jericho tried to end HBK's career and beat him into a bloody pulp. At Summerslam the feud intensified even more because Jericho accidentally punched Michaels wife in the face and didnt even say sorry for what he did...he blamed Michaels for putting her in harms way. At Unforgiven Jericho lost to HBK but won the World title later on. Michaels was unsuccessful at No Mercy in a ladder match vs Jericho as Chris retained his belt. The reason this feud was so good was because of the story is portrayed. Jericho and Michaels were excellent in their roles.


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I voted for Jericho and Shawn Michaels. The Edge vursus Undertaker was good but way to long in my opinion. They needed to move on much faster then they did.

I love the HBK/Jericho feud, it had a lot of great moments, and the matches were outstanding. Jericho was a great heel in the feud, he hit HBK with a television, he punched his wife in the face. It was just amazing to watch.

To HBK vs Jericho takes this won.
Only two options? Well, I guess there wasn't much excitment this year. Blah.

I'm voting for Y2J and HBK, too. Edge and Undertaker had too much Vickie and Edge drama to make it worth wild. Not enough action from The Undertaker (mainly Edge and Vickie had to do all the stuff while Undertaker appeared at the PPV).


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Edge vs Undertaker;

It was enough to get me interested in WWE after a 5 year hiatus. Nah, it was really good. as for HBK & Y2J... I couldn't wait until it was over. Waste of time for Y2J.


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Picked Undertaker vs Edge for the following reasons:

Edge/Taker had bigger consequences and more importance. It started out about the World Heavyweight Championship, and ended in personal destruction. HBK/Jericho was a personal feud that happened to stumble into the World title picture. The fact it lasted so long and had such an awesome payoff is all the more reason to vote for it.

Don't get me wrong...HBK/Jericho was a great feud. But, all the energy was in the build. It just kind of ended without wrapping up. Jericho almost accidentally became World Champ, HBK took a run at the belt, and then they moved on. It wasn't quite as satisfying.


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taker and edge ruled this year. given those are my 2 fav players makes it easy for me to pick them


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Funny, I thought I had replied here.

My vote on this one goes to Jericho and HBK.

Reason? Jericho and HBK had amazing wrestling and amazing mic work, As did Taker and Edge. However, the difference between the two is that the writers knew the right time to end the feud before it carried on too long and became stale. Now 'm not at all saying Edge and Undertaker became stale, But it certainly went on a bit too long for my liking.


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Even though Atreyu is wrong about the length of the Taker/Edge feud he breaks the tie with the win going to Jericho vs Michaels