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WWE Evoultion


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Run time revealed for WWE's Evolution PPV, Updated card for the event on October 28 - WWE News and Results, RAW and Smackdown Results, Impact News, ROH News

Only matches on card I am looking forward to are:

Finals of MYC
Kari Sane vs Shayna Baszler
Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch
Team Bestie (Trish & Lita) vs Alexis Bliss & Mickie James

This could be a success or a disaster depending on how matches are booked. I surely hope WWE isn't stupid enough to have Nikki Bella beat Rousey. Yeah I have rumours it may happen. Rousey's first loss should happen at WrestleMania 35 & not before.


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Oh no, Nikki will undoubtedly put Ronda over for sure. That wouldn't make any sense, considering that Nikki is no longer a full-time worker. Heyman has been doing wonders with that feud though, since he's the one working closely with Ronda because of how comfortable Ronda is with Heyman. You could definitely feel an ECW vibe with her promo ("The only door you knocked on was John Cena's bedroom!") and she's learning so fast it's scary.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Alexa Bliss has recently suffered a broken nose and she wasn't working the live events this weekend. Although, it could be possible that they could something related to that time when Trish wore a mask because of her broken nose.


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It should be a complete squash match that doesn't last.5 minutes.

My theory is if Nikki vs Rousey goes last Rousey keeps Title but if it isn't all bets are off & Nikki may get Title even if it is for 1 night or till Survivor Series.
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Sultan of Swat
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How much are you guys looking forward to evolution? More or less than a normal non big four ppv?
The singles matches are the draw. Becky vs Charlotte could be epic. Io is going to amaze. And the NXT title match should be great.


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Shiari vs Storm will be match of the night. This is a toss up on who wins. Doubt they will have a Japanese star win it 2 years in a row. Storn already is a huge star & sky is the limit for her. Io is a star herself where a win helps her become a huge name in NXT. A Io vs Sane match would be awesome.

Read yesterday about a finish where it could work turning Becky full heel is Ric Flair gets involved but takes a bump & Charlotte who is laid out is told by Becky to stay down for 10 count or she will drill Ric Flair repeatedly over the head with a chair. Ric is beloved & this may be the thing that fully turns Becky heel. I doubt WWE goes this route.


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The card itself has not been built that well, WWE brass has really messed with the women here by caring way more about other shows before and after this.

However I'm hoping the women deliver their best performances to simply stick it to the company and show that they deserve this opportunity and have deserved it for a good while.

I fully expect a few surprise returns though I feel AJ Lee is out of the question. Becky vs Charlotte could be the match of the night, followed by Kairi vs Shayna.

As for the main event, if they have it go past 5 minutes then it's a travesty, as Ronda should have no issue taking down Nikki Bella who honestly shouldn't be in this spot.


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Wasn't sure I would watch the show but I ended up watching it anyway. And I didn't regret any second of it. Those girls put on a great show. The Last Woman Standing Match definitely was a MOTYC.