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WWE Draft is back, set for April 25th


The wrestlers will stay on their brand for a few months before they start showing up on each others shows eventually.

Oh, did you mean who did I want on each brand?

-*- RAW -*-
o Corre - everybody
o Kelly Kelly

-*- SmackDown! -*-
o Jack Swagger
o Daniel Bryan
o Sin Cara
o an "A list" face 'cuz Edge is no longer here and Taker is out for awhile. Cena?
o John Morrison
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Living in Ikoria
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As I've said in past posts I wasn't sure they'd be doing it again, and wasn't sure how I felt about it.

I guess I'm happy about it, the Draft is always one of the most fun nights of the year...and the whole "new feud opportunities" thing is probably needed right now in the WWE.

I just hope that with this draft they make some ballsy changes...the major players seem to never switch from Red to Blue or vice versa anymore.


I ♥ Haters
I think the draft is pointless since everyone ends up on every show anyways. I thought for sure they were gonna kill the draft this year.


I am the woolrus
I'm love the draft!! I see it mainly as an opportunity to switch around the midcard talent and give some people a chance to shine. Basically, i'm a fan of seeing anyone who deserves to be getting some time but isn't getting a shot moving from one brand to the next. The changes i'd like to see:

RAW to Smackdown:

Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith: Basically so they can either team back up as the best tag team in WWE at the moment, and take on Slater & Gabriel, or finish the feud that WWE were building up to! I really don't understand what's going on with them at the moment, but it doesn't look like they're gonna be used on RAW.

Evan Bourne: Deserves to be given an opportunity and i don't think he's gonna get it on RAW. Not great on the mic, but he'd be one of the most over guys in WWE if given a chance. Plus, i think him and Justin Gabriel could do some really good stuff together. Whether it's to elevate them as singles wrestlers or, in the case of a face turn by Gabriel, love to see those two in a tag team some day. 450 Splash teaming up with the Shooting Star Press!!

Sheamus: I think that Sheamus is definitely a legit main eventer and he could really raise his profile by going to Smackdown for a year.

Daniel Bryan: Again, not as much competition on Smackdown so i think he could really raise his profile. Love to see him pick up the Intercontinental Title.

Smackdown to RAW:

Rey Mysterio:. So that he can be involved in a program with Sin Cara. They'll have to do it sometime!

Beth Phoenix: So that she can be involved in a program with Awesome Kong (who i assume is going to RAW. I dunno if the vignettes have been shown on Smackdown aswell)

They're all the main ones i can think of at the moment... If all of them happen, i'd be pretty damn happy with this years draft!
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I've enjoyed the drafts that I've actually seen. I'll be interested to see who goes to Raw, as that's the only show I watch. If enough wrestlers I like go to Smackdown, I might start DVRing that too. Ha.


Haters gonna hate.
This year's draft has that "different feel". Not just because it is going to be a two-hour show instead of three, but I feel like some ground can really be shaken.

Cena will not go to Smackdown due to his current program with Miz. Sin Cara doesn't have a set brand, so he could be drafted to one brand... hopefully Raw because Rey is on SD.

Realistically, I see the draft separating the Corre. No lie. Wade and Justin will come to Raw, and Zeke and Heath will remain on SD. That's my inkling.


I agree with wooly about Tyson Kidd, they need to put him on SmackDown! I've been watching Superstars and I am really entertained by his heel persona. I'm not really high on DH Smith, he just isn't my type of wrestler.

I also think they should put The Usos on SmackDown!, turn them face and have them feud with The Corre for the belts. I think it could be a good feud. =)

And, I hope you guys are right about a "different feel", I would really like to see some big changes happening on draft night.


Better Call Saul
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The rumor is they pushed up the draft from June because they are desperate to change it up.

So actually do it, WWE. Put Cena on Smackdown or do something crazy.


Lion Rampant
I know it's terrible to say this, but I'd really like to see them move J.R. to SmackDown again. :curse: