WWE Diva to retire


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source: PWInsider.com

-- The talk backstage among several talents within the past 24 hours is that former WWE Women's Champion Victoria is planning to retire soon and depart from the company as a performer. There was a rumor going around over Survivor Series weekend that Victoria had given notice to management but it couldn't be confirmed.

-- Last night's three-hour edition of Raw drew an 3.0 cable rating overall. In the show's regular 9 to 11 p.m. time slot, the show did a 3.2 cable rating. Raw did hours of 2.71, 3.16 and 3.18. Raw drew a 3.3 rating two weeks ago and a 3.4 just last week.

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I knew she was going to retire soon, it was just a matter of time, she hasn't done much in the last few years. So I think it's time for her to call it quits.


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yeah it was coming but it is a shame at the same time. The only diva left from an era when the WWE actually employed female athletes, not human barbie dolls. With the exception of Beth Phoenix, that's all that's left now that victoria's gone.
Aww, I like the team she has going with Nattie. Her and Nattie are practially the only two classic women wrestlers that the WWE needs more of. It's sad to see Victoria retiring, but I understand.

Hopefully, she can do commentary as the first female in WWE to do so, or some other role. Heck, give her a GM position. Something along the lines of what Vickie has going on.


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Not shocking. The women have an even shorter shelf life than the men no matter what, occasionally you get a rare exception like Trish or Lita, but more often than not it ends in a way similar to Torrie Wilsons tenure.

Vicky did a pretty good job in her run, as noted is one of the few left from an era where the WWE was employing female athletes and not just human barbie dolls like right now. But as of late she's been downplayed to almost nothingness, so it's no surprise that she's about to walk.


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Victoria is one of few current women wrestlers that have actual charisma. I think they should push her to the Diva's title before she retires. Personally I think she's earned that.


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Shes 37 at the moment, so she is nearing the end of her wrestling career.

WWE screwed up big time with Victoria, They don't have many Divas that can wrestle, yet they treat Victoria like crap.
Same can be said with Nattie and other wrestlers. I actually feel bad that they know they're good, but the WWE isn't promoting them for whatever reason. Don't they (WWE) realize that the likes of Trish and Molly Holly were talented and entertaining to the audience. They want more of that and WWE should take advance of Victoria while they still have her.

For the record, I'm adding Maryse into the likes of Nattie and Victoria. I know, shocking. I think she really has improved over the months and her charisma in the ring is great.
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