WWE.com Giving Us Clues?


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Keep an eye on the results and the match card on WWE.com for Vengeance


World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs Batista
Ric Flair vs United States Champion MVP
Jimmy Wang Yang vs Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrerro

Look...the first match, the champion is posted first, now why wouldnt they do it on the US and CW championships? Im pretty sure the person thats posted first on the match will win, so if my theory is correct, so far, Ric Flair will be new US Champ (after all, they DID want to let Flair have one more title), and JWY will be the new CW Champ (I dont know WHY theyll let Guerrero keep the Title), I have absolutely no idea who wins the Challenge match for the WWE Title, but for once, the WWE Title match will be good, NOT because of John Cena cause he sucks...alot


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Likely I think Flair , Edge and Cena got their respective matches. I herd somewhere that they were supposed to give Edge a long title reign which is very good. Cena always wins so there is almost no doubt that he'll win again despite my pure hatred for him and can't say I really care who wins the US title match. I wish though they let Chavo hold the CW title. Im not a fan of Jimmy Wang Yang.


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He's been dominate since his new character was revealed but personally I liked him more as Akio. When he and Tajiri were a stable I found that to be one of the better cruiserweight pairings around at the time.