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WWE buying TNA?


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There hasn't been any update as of Friday, other than Dixie Carter confirmed on Twitter that Bound For Glory is happening this Sunday as well a full week of tapings, citing big stuff happening. However, here's the interesting part:

While The Wrestling Observer claimed that WWE was out of the picture, both Forbes & NY Post stated that WWE was pretty much well into it and that Vince McMahon was considering buying TNA and letting them run Bound for Glory and their week of tapings if they had the funding.

Considering that there's no one out there other than Vince McMahon who could absorb the debts of TNA, I'm seriously thinking that it's pretty much a done deal but Vince must have struck a deal with Billy Corgan or someone else to let them run the PPV anyway.

And unsurprisingly, Dixie Carter is even messing up everything in the negotiations, driving everyone nuts. Everyone wants her out in the worst way. She's really gonna drive this company to the ground until the very end.


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I have not been keeping up with TNA over the last few years. Sure I have read the headlines and I have seen bits and pieces here and there on dirt sheets but I have paid no real attention to it. This is despite the fact I could if I wanted to, to watch it every week on free TV. I am also fairly certain the PPVs are shown for free on TV and yet again, I do not watch them.

When TNA came into existence in 2003 there was every reason to believe that this company could be great. WCW was dead and gone after the Invasion angle so this seemed to be a viable alternative. I remember reading each month in Powerslam about AJ Styles, Samoa Jo, Christopher Daniels and so many others that it was an exciting time to be a wrestling fan! There was a revolution happening and a huge debt of thanks was owed to Jeff Jarrett.

13 years later and I do not know what happened to that company. I tried to watch it on so many occasions. I tried to get back into it. I even remember watching the crippling bad story that was another ECW revival, how that happened is beyond me.

If Vince did buy the company I would be pleased because a lot of people may keep their jobs but how would it be dealt with? Would Trips try to revive it in the style of NxT? Would it be kept under the brand of TNA or would it be WWE Impact? Or is Vince simply wanting to acquire the rights to their video library?

I cannot answer these questions but this is going to be interesting.


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Lo and behold, we got a TNA PPV tonight. An unknown party stepped up and provided TNA with the funds to proceed with the Bound for Glory PPV and a full week of tapings. That should cover TV until the end of November.

That should give TNA enough time to find a buyer. But Dixie has plenty of time to screw it up, right?


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Well, apparently, it could be finalized soon. Dixie would sell the TNA library to WWE while Billy Corgan would acquire majority ownership of the company and rebrand it in the process. Of course, everyone denies it in TNA but with multiple sources reporting it, I think it's a matter of time.

Also read that Dixie was very close to selling everything to WWE and backtracked at the last minute. That would've totally been a Dixie move to screw Billy Corgan and the roster one final time in the process.


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If WWE just gets the library and Corgan can keep that company afloat and rebrand them...that's the way case scenario for all parties.


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It's pretty funny how youve expected this to happen for a long time, and now that it's actually happening, it's somewhat taken you by surprise. Should be interesting to see which star WWE will pick up