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Here lately I've been on a WW2 History quest for knowledge. I really enjoy this era of world history. To me it was the last great war where nations fought nations with valor and honor.

The tactics were brilliant on both sides, and the battles were simply awesome in comparison to today's battles. I think the troops and weapons were hardier and more rugged in those days because their jobs were to get in there and kick ass no matter what it took.

My key interests in WW2 history are the weaponry used, and the battles that were fought, most notably in the European Theater. I enjoy collecting and shooting WW2 rifles and guns from both sides of the war, it's cool to think that the rifles that I own and have held in my hands could have very well seen combat somewhere. In addition I find myself watching countless specials on TV and Youtube about battles that took place and the tactics involved. I love WW2 movies such as Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates and ones from the Pacific war like Pearl Harbor and Flags of Our Fathers. I like seeing how these battles were fought and what happened during that time.

The battles were simply brilliant and there were great commanders on both sides. Here lately I've been getting into model building and constructing battleships from that era and learning everything I can about them... you could spend a lifetime learning about this war.

If you are a WW2 buff, what are your favorite aspects of the war?


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I wouldn't really consider myself a buff, but that was definitely my favourite part of history class. I mainly know the Canadian side of it, and how the war benefited us as a nation etc. I do love watching the war movies too. I loved Enemy at the Gate, but I have yet to see Saving Private Ryan. Pearl Harbour and Flags of our Fathers is great.

Have you ever seen the Band of Brother's mini series pro? I'd recommend it. I've only seen the first disc of it with Pretzel. It's a detailed account of one group of Canadian soldiers in the war. It's a really accurate recreation of what these soldiers went through as they landed and the war progressed. I believe they were paratroopers. The actual veterans from that corps themselves helped to make the show.

I've always been interested in learning more about both the world wars. I've always been interested in finding out the reasoning behind conflicts, and those are like the two greatest conflicts in history. One of these days I'll have to go out and buy a book on the wars just to get myself more up to speed with facts.


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My fav docu-series is Generals at War:
YouTube - Generals At War Kursk part 1
Very neat stuff, you really get into the battle :)

I also have a small collection of miniature battleships and carriers, they are collecting dust now though :stare:
And 6 games from the Axis and Allies series. Haven't played them in a long while, but yeah, I love it.

I tend to play random set-ups.. Some of the markers in the picture I've made myself (the UN-one and that of tsarist Russia (black yellow white)). I also have the PC-game, which is really old, but still enjoyable.

Another awesome oldschool game is Panzer General 2. My original disc is gg, but I downloaded it off the internet (from a not very legal source, hehe). It plays easily and yet is so much fun :)
There have hardly been any strategic ww2-games in the recent years that really got me excited. The 3d-effects tend to mess up the playability in a lot of cases :stare:

Yeah, that's pretty much my passion for WW2. I have a lot of books on it as well. I tend to prefer the ones concerned with the general dynamics of the war rather than those giving detailed descriptions of a particular battle.