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Hey this is your man darkbain here. hows everyone just private message me if u want to talk about anything thats hilarious, or is just plain stupid.


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Ur a Kingdom Hearts Fan since u got Sora as ur avie right? If u are then I could really get to like u then Dark^^;

Ello and welcome to Fusion-Central! The name's Kyo Muramasa, Kyo for short, and if u need anything of the sort u can just PM me and if it's in my power then I will be glad to fufill ur request. This place isn't so bad once u get use to everyone here, trust me, u have to get use to everyone here >>; With that said enjoy ur stay here and have fun, post as much as u like, but u can also view the threads and learns some things. I've learned alot of things in my time here^^;


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Welcome to the forums we called Fusion Central. Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here at FC and become a big part of this community were trying to build. Just one thing there buddy watch your profanity we do have a few rules here you got to follow. Besides that go threw the sections and if you see something that peaks your interest, don't be shy and add a comment or two. See ya around.


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Hello There,

Welcome to Fusion Central, have a splending and awsome time with us and I hope you like this forums. And I hope to see you active. Follow the rules, post daily and don't flame and you will be welcomed by everybody in this great community you are part of. I'll see you around the forums. And again, Welcome.