Wts and Heights and Where you want to be


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Post your weight your height and where you would like to be (lbs that is)

Im 5'6 175lbs. I would like to be closer to about 160 that way I would be trimming off the fat and be mostly muscle.


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6'0. Want to be around 6'5 by the time I am around 20. And I am like 144lbs at the moment, and want to be around 155.


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Well i'm full grown at 6'0'' and at the moment i'm 140lbs. I'd like to be at 160lbs within two months or so, gotta stark bulking.



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I'm 5'6", and I don't think I will grow much more
I'm 130 pounds, and for my ideal weight I don't know because I'm balanced between to stay thin and get more (120) or get buffer around 150 pounds