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Movies WTF Movies


Sally Twit
The idea for this thread came when I was searching around for some 80's films yesterday. I found a trailer which I thought was a joke, but it turns out the film is in fact real.

It's called 'Maniac Cop' and the synopsis makes me laugh even more than the title itself.
In New York, a man in a cop's uniform starts killing people for no apparent reason.
And here's a trailer :lol:
YouTube - Maniac Cop Trailer #1

So, can you think of any examples that have made you say "WTF"?


Lion Rampant
So, can you think of any examples that have made you say "WTF"?
Yes; very recently, in fact. Here's the freaky opening sequence to a flesh-crawling (and flesh-eating) shocker I saw the other night. The experience left me with the realization that any sick bastard who has access to equipment can make a sick bastard of a film.

YouTube - I Eat Your Skin 1964


Registered Member
i saw some scenes from a movie named "Cool as Ice"... and it was the most gross and WTF thing i saw in my life. i don't want to post any links here so, if you want to explore the limits of grossness, just search it on the net. i personally recommend you to do this because otherwise you'd be missing the magnum opus of gross in the history of entertainment.